Games Radar Turok Hands On

If you count yourself as a fan of the original, beloved N64 Turok games, there's something you should know: the new Turok throws all the mythology from the earlier games and comics out the window. Instead of an American Indian who lives in a timewarp and fights dinosaurs with ultra-futuristic weaponry, you'll play as special-forces commando Joseph Turok in an adventure set 200 years in the future.

Check out Games Radar's hands on preview of the upcoming game Turok.

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timmyp534308d ago

was on the gameboy color.. it was very fun. Next gen turok looks great.

snoop_dizzle4308d ago

hopefully this game is really good.

Rhezin4308d ago

Out in a few months? but they said it was due first quarter of 08? what the hello? what is the damn deal?! Fall or January>!?

TheMART-sucksdick4308d ago

No yes no? I bloody hope not... Everything else is.

i Shank u4307d ago

This turok sounds badass. i hope this game doesnt come out this fall, already like 20 good games coming out lol

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