Could Medal of Honor be a PS3 Exclusive?

NextGN writes: "I'm not one who likes to start rumours, get peoples hopes up or start a fan boy war, but I have been thinking about articles that I have recently read that, if true, are giving me reason to believe that Medal Of Honor may be a PlayStation 3 Exclusive. Let me break it down for you…"

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Chaostar3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Why not?

edit: MS do it all the time, it's about time Sony fought back, even though I don't really agree with that way of doing business.

Nitrowolf23309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

times Exclusive
but i don't think that's the announcement that sony

Def not exclusive, i don't see EA revealing a game for both console and then dropping support for the other one
and god i hope this isn't what sony is saying as big as GTA SA timed exclusive.

Hellsvacancy3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Your probably right

Itll probably b a timed exclusive 4 a month or so, or maybe if theres a beta itll b exclusive 2 the PS3, like EA did wid Bad Company 2

Pennywise3309d ago

I should of elaborated:

We are talking about EA. They make their games on any device that will play it. (I know about ME, but that started before EA and I bet we still hear about a PS3 version @ E3)

Smkt3309d ago

why would EA do that? it is probably going to sell more on the 360...

evrfighter3309d ago

especially considering I've already pre-ordered on their web store for the pc lol.

XxZxX3309d ago

penny is right.. IT'S EA...!!! the vigorous multi-platform supporter

Persistantthug3309d ago

But as a PS3 fan, seeing how MS has continually stuck it to PS3 this gen...I can't say I would be too angry about it if it did happen.

This would be a surprise though..but maybe not, if you think about the roots of the original (PS1).

BYE3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )


Mass Effect 2 says hi.

siyrobbo3309d ago

Definitely won't happen, EA are going after COD's crown with this game, it wouldnt make any sense to make it exclusive to any platform

mastiffchild3309d ago

Don't forget EA and Valve with L4D not going near a Sony platform-there are some EA published games that don't go multi platform but if they own the IP, as with MoH, I cannot see anything BUT a fully multiplat day and date simultaneously released game.

Sony COULD throw a bazillion bucks at it but with Resistance and KZ to already do as they like with(largely) why would they shell out for another exclusive FPS? A bit of timed exclusivity might be possible after seeing MW2's maps go to 360 first but I just don't think it's financially viable for Sony to throw money away on a couple of weeks "me" time. EA know that FPS games perform marginally better on the 360 to start with so, if anything, exclusivity of any sort would probably cost Sony even more than it would MS, imo, so, again, just why would they be interested? Them OR EA??

Not a chance in all hell, heaven or any realm in between or even other dimensions. This isn't going to happen-inter-dimensional cert.

gintoki7773309d ago

agree with 1st comment lol

heres my opinion though sony shouldnt steal crap cuz then it shows who the real copycats are

Chubear3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

April 1st is just a horrible time for gaming news.

Why are we even contemplating this when we know it's virtually impossible is EA, you know who they are.

Persistantthug3309d ago

That's Microsoft paying/incentivising Valve.

Obviously we all know that EA was the one who brought THE ORANGE BOX to the PS3....great game, $20...I bought it a year ago when I purchased my PS3 at Fry's for $400.

In fact, Valve has gone on record and said/implied that EA was chomping at the bit to release L4D 1 and 2 on the PS3, but VALVE refused and cited the bad ported ORANGE BOX, which we all know was made in 2007, and by the way, was patche-fixed and runs great today.

Valve makes feeble excuses and I don't know why because they really don't need to. They should just say nothing or just say we are under exclusive agreements with MS's XBOX 360, because that would be more the truth.

XxZxX3309d ago

Ceekay, So what if you can name 1, i can name like a 100 multi-platform title.

otherZinc3309d ago

Ghost Recon is releasing this winter!

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Solans Scott3309d ago

These days, anything and everything is a possibility.

Cajun Chicken3309d ago

I can assure you, that's NOT the level of GTA San Andreas.

xc7x3309d ago

shooters are the top games nowadays,GTA's aren't on the tip top selling list anymore,it's the COD's,BF's and the like. MOH has the same reputation as COD and now that the series is going "modern",it could be the next CODMW1/2 selling type of game.

ReservoirDog3163309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

"GTA's aren't on the tip top selling list anymore"

I know most of you guys hate GTA now and all but the last full GTA released is only beaten in sales by what, mw2? Can't think of anything else.

GTA is big and I doubt MoH is quite as big as that.

Off topic,
Getting Mass Effect 2 in the mail today! Thanks EA Store!

edit: Also, I didn't press disagree.

ape0073309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

is alive and well, GTA IV sold millions, the moh series has lost their magic touch since moh frontline for ps2(my god what a game) and allied assault for pc (developed by IW before joining activision)

the MOH series have a lot to prove and "EA LA" studio is not that of a developer(moh rising sun goldeneye 2) their games were very average lately

but something deep in my heart tells me that this next gen MOH is going be a stone cold stunner...

Johnny Rotten3309d ago

This game would only be hurting itself if it went exclusive, even timed for that matter.

Captain Tuttle3309d ago

First comment gets it right.

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