Hexus: Just Cause 2 Review

Hexus writes: "There's a lot to like about Just Cause 2. For starters it looks magnificent. 1000 sq km is a lot of gameplay space and as far as the eye are glorious sights filled with snow-capped mountains, beaches and dense tropical jungles, just begging to be explored. There's a lot of freedom to explore and stuff to do before you even think about following the main mission. While exploring, we found a fake shark that we could ride across the water; we hijacked a helicopter, jumped out from 10,000 ft above the ocean and then parachuted down to land on a passing speedboat. We've jumped off incredibly high cliffs on our motor-bike for no other reason than because we can; and we've aimed our rocket launcher toward a deserted petrol station in the middle of nowhere purely to cause some mayhem and noise among the serenity of the bright blue skies and blazing sunshine."

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