Star Trek Online: New Tactics Videos

IncGamers reports on two new videos from Cryptic Studios which give Star Trek Online players hints on ground combat tactics.

The first video explains the expose and exploit mechanic, pointing out when and where to attack opponents for the best results. The second clip looks at flanking, and how to make the most of your away team.

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Leord3308d ago

It's nice, in the game they can now have more freaky aliens, since they don;t have to be actors :)

Malfurion3308d ago

Yeah I noticed the Borg are almost skeletons in some of the pictures.

Maticus3308d ago

I find the away missions more fun that the space combat in STO, but I think I'm in a minority.

Fyzzu3308d ago

Useful stuff, but unless these are new mechanics (I didn't play STO that much ;/) it probably would've been better to have released this videos closer to launch.