Map to a Lost Planet

We've probably only hit about 60 per cent of the Xbox 360's potential," says Keiji Inafune, reclining in a Bruce Campbell shirt up in Capcom's lofty meeting area, overlooking the throng of the E3 showfloor. Speaking to Eurogamer through a translator, Inafune talks of his admiration for Microsoft's next-generation format and brushes off the suggestion, put forward by one of the handful of press joining us for a chat, that early titles haven't lived up to the pre-launch bluster. "It's very cyclical," he says of game development. "The more years you study a platform, the better you get. Some of the games you'll see in three of four years will be truly amazing."

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Marriot VP6617d ago

trust me, lost planet and GOW aren't gonna breach even half the consoles power. No first or most second year games can't and never did use up half of consoles raw power. There's a big difference between raw power and programming that utilizes console strengths. You could use half now, but a year later still using half you'd definately blow that game away in graphics and framerate. Which is what destroy's PC's the first couple years. Also to note, the CPU power in console is never fully used, or even close to this day. That's why I shrug my shoulders at PS3's cell. The peak performance is never gonna be used, it's purpose is to boast Sony's hardware. Even though in the end both systems are very close.

COVER GIRL6617d ago

All my research seems to support what you are saying, that's why Sony can't be trusted!; they trick fans that way i wikipedia-ed it and 9 out of 10 times Sony lies about their specs, And they like do boast about units sold; but the numbers they put out there are really units

achira6617d ago

epic said they used near 80% of the power of the cpu. i think when the developer of the games say this you can believe this. i mean this games are 2. or 3. generation, devkits are ready, so the developer can estimate this very well.

achira6617d ago

cover girl, sony didnt release the specs yet so how can they lie ??? i think your research was not so good.

COVER GIRL6617d ago

Where did you see PS3 and spec's in my post that's what im talking about. Anything (Sony) twist what's real lol

THAMMER16617d ago

Cover girl said nothing of specs but Sony has said a mouth full if you want to go there. And yes they lied they said that the PS3 will be 2x more powerful and now we see that is nowhere near true. Do not defend Sony. The more you people do the less fun the thing will be once it’s out. Just relax.

OutLaw6617d ago

Don't get on anybody about research. You said nothing about this article and you bring up epic instead. Last I remember capcom is making this game not epic. So it's irrelevant what you had just pointed out.

DOLBY DI GA TAL pf6617d ago

That guys a big time Sony fan and will defend PS3 to the death.

THAMMER16617d ago

You just are another afraid Sony fan. Just relax The PS3 will be out soon and all you zombies will get your brains. See look Lost Planet is real sweet I play the demo all the time you cant steal the steam from it with stupid post so stop.

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