Spawn Kill: NBA Jam Hands-On Preview

Eric Galaviz of Spawn Kill writes:

"When EA announced that they were bringing back NBA Jam and only on the Wii, like everyone else I was a little skeptical. I was afraid they would try to take the license and create something new that deviated from the classic gameplay. Thankfully as the development team said themselves "if we couldn't create a game that had the same feeling as the classic NBA Jam, then we wouldn't have made it at all". That sums up my experience with NBA Jam on the Wii. The controls are different, but the gameplay brings to mind all the quarters I spent in the mythical places known only as arcades. The team at EA Sports Canada has captured the feel of the classic title like no other game has since the original game released by Midway."

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tigresa3305d ago

Only mythical creates visit mythical lands. So I guess you don't exist! Which means neither do sports. Hey-o. Baseball is the last running important sport. :D

K-Tuck3305d ago

This is super exciting.

Snarkasaur3304d ago

So many whacky memories...I hope this isn't a massive letdown.

rrquinta3304d ago

It seems like they're really trying hard to make this right... but only time will tell. I'm really tired of being let down by third-party Wii titles :(.