"The Xbox 360 - just skip it" (Part two)

The handful that agreed with me, plus a handful of others that were analytical without taking me to task, did a good job elaborating on my issues. Read those - they speak for me.

Some of the people who agree with me dismiss the Microsoft defenders as fanboys. I know what that means, but it's a harsh way of saying that the Xbox 360's core audience is a narrow and perhaps less-than-mature demographic niche.

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sjappie4306d ago

obviously doesn't understand the great fun more than 10 million people are having with the 360, despite the hardware issues. He wants to talk about the hardware issues? Fine, his prerogative, but he makes it sound like it's no fun playing the 360. Uck this douchebag!

Jeba4306d ago

you just proved his point

JsonHenry4306d ago

Lol, this guy can say anything he wants about it - but I still enjoy playing on my 360 no matter what he says.

And who is he calling a fanboy? Like he is not in another companies camp....

neeharb4306d ago

Hey i have had my 360 since Jan 2006 and i have been having a great time playing games...i dont know why am i being called a narrowed audience...dude now stop stuffing the money sony gave you so say all this....and hey whats that behind you....stop playing Gears u dumbass....
Hey this machine might have its hardware issues.... here in india where i live i know a lot of people with the 360 and not one of them has had an issue yet apart from some improper connection problems...
Hey i have always loved playing games on my pc...ps2...ngage...
will buy a ps3 when i can afford one(i am a student...and in india we usually dont work while we study)....with an awesome game line up i cant wait for E3...
Hey can some one gimme the links for both Xbox360 and Ps3 E3 lineup..i am really pumped up people...

ArmrdChaos4306d ago

Why the hell should he even care? Did he run low on stories that week and need to pull something out of his crack to keep himself from getting fired? If others wish to buy MS products then that is there prerogative...welcome to freakin America. He is just one more hack writer under the delusion that his inconsequential article is going to change the world or make his non-MS stock rise...please. The funniest thing is his insinuation of others being MS fanboys...doesn't that action alone make him a fanboy? LOL.

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sjappie4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

Feel free to elaborate.

Edit: this is crazy, how can you disagree with that? So he shouldn't feel free to elaborate or what? Or am I not allowed to have an explanation?

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FordGTGuy4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )


THAMMER14306d ago

He was better off not even responding.

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