Mad Catz Announces Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick for Xbox 360

Xbox Evolved writes:

"Mad Catz Interactive today announced the launch of the Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Wireless Flight Stick, the first licensed wireless flight stick for the Xbox 360 video game console. The F.L.Y. 9 will be released under the Mad Catz' Cyborg premium gaming brand."

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NaiNaiNai5224d ago

Mad catz, please give up. All your new products suck. :(

Blaze9295224d ago

not really...they're actually better this gen than last gen. Last gen I wouldn't dare to buy a Mad Catz product becuase they were so cheaply made and break. This gen they're actually putting out quality and good stuff. Loving that Wireless-N bridge adapter.

NaiNaiNai5224d ago

Sorry but there big products.

Wheels, and controllers. Do suck. They are really touchy *even after adjustment.* have bad designs. and still cost to much. even for being the cheaper alternative.

boodybandit5224d ago

The Mad Catz TE fighting stick is awesome. Never had a problem with them and wouldn't want to play a fighting game without them.

HolyOrangeCows5224d ago (Edited 5224d ago )

My Madcatz 360 controller is the only one that hasn't broken. The sticks haven't become loose, it's wired so no loose battery pack that keeps shutting it off, the buttons aren't loose......Madcatz makes some good products these days. SOME.

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Christopher5224d ago

And with all those flight simulators to play on the 360!

DelbertGrady5224d ago (Edited 5224d ago )

Not that many but if you're a fan of them it might be cool.

Blaze9295224d ago

We need a new damn Ace Combat NamcoBandai! Over there making a freakin' PSP version..ulgh

DelbertGrady5224d ago

What we need is a new Crimson Skies!

kissmeimgreek5224d ago

i would jizz in my pants for a new crimson skies.

Christopher5224d ago

I honestly didn't know there were flight sims on the 360. Are they on XBLA?

maxcer5224d ago

of course, everyone loves the raw flight simulation of afterburner!

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cliffbo5224d ago

what's the point in buying this, NATAL is coming out you wont need it just use your hand. ROFLMAO

artsaber5224d ago

Damn that was low. I had a vision of people making "neeeerrrrrrrrr" sounds while swaying their hands back and forth.

KeiserSosay47885224d ago

Please dice update bc2 so I can fly the blackhawk with this.....please!!!


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Microsoft's final non-backwards compatible Xbox 360 sale update is now live, and disappointingly, it appears that no new games have been discounted.

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cammers19952d ago

They were never obligated to have a sale.

jznrpg2d ago

Nobody is obligated to have a sale but that doesn’t mean it can’t be disappointing.


Ranking The Coldest, Most Ruthless Protagonists In Gaming

Not all video game protagonists are sweet, jolly, or wholesome. Folks like Agent 47 are cold, ruthless, and reserved and it shows.

cloganart3d ago

I'd like to believe Joel's situation is more about turning into a calloused survivor in a cold-hard world who may have made selfish decisions. Not inherently ruthless.

Armyofdarkness4d ago

Ah, fond memories of strangling all the people in their hotel rooms in Hitman 1

bunt-custardly4d ago

Lara Croft, Nathan Drake etc, cos they pretend to be the good guys but are mass murderers that show no remorse.


With The Xbox 360 Store Closing Soon, Let’s Look Back At The Console’s Legacy

As the Xbox 360 store will shut down on July 29, 2024, I think now is the best time to look back at the console's legacy.

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MaximusPrime_8d ago

I remember good old years of RRoD

purple1018d ago

Not to mention, #scratchgate

And also taking your hard drive to your mates in a backpack, only to get there and find “Error 80072EF3 data is corrupted”

Great one. LAN party Night ruined.

darthv728d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Dont know about the hard drive one, but if you were doing a LAN party then you'd take the whole system... not just the hard drive. As for scratched discs, yeah that was an issue for all of those optical drive based systems. I had ps1 and ps2 scratch discs, same with dreamcast, saturn and 3do. Come to find out that you really shouldnt be moving the systems while the discs are spinning... go figure.

One system i never had that problem with was the og xbox, only because it was built like a tank and weighed just as much.