505 Games Announces Naval Assault: The Killing Tide For Xbox 360

That Gaming Site writes: "World War II era submarine game announced exclusively for the Xbox 360."

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Elven63312d ago

I've been playing a lot of Silent Hunter 5 recently so I might get this, it doesn't look too good graphically but the arcadeyness of it could be a cool contrast to SH5.

mrv3213312d ago

I played Silent Hunter 3 and liked the sub vs plane stuff... and a really REALLY long shot I made with a torpedo which was MILES away, I think like 3,000M and I love the torpedo cam thing where it went past 2 ships and hit the aircraft Carrier and took it down in one shot. Mission complete :P

ProA0073312d ago

Xbox 360 Exclusives: +1

raiden_933312d ago

Looks like it could be a good title. XBLA release perhaps?

Elven63312d ago

Retail release, not sure if it will be a full priced release though, $40-60 is my bet.

I just hope 505 doesn't botch this like they did with Ill-2 last year, great game which probably didn't sell to well.

DelbertGrady3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Tons of 360 games announced for the 360 lately. I hope they save some for E3 =)

Submarine games aren't my thing but I'll at least download the trial demo and give it a shot. Assuming it's an XBLA title. They've announced a ton of them recently so.

eggbert3312d ago

Almost all of their games are budget titles that were released on retail discs.
Look at IL2: Sturmovik birds of prey (or w/e its called)

They still haven't released the game-fixes and patches for the 360 even though their out for the PC and PS3.

I just get the feeling they are gonna mess something up though.

Elven63312d ago

IL2: Sturmovik birds is far from a budget game, not an AAA budget, maybe somewhere in between. And if it is a budget game, kudos to the developer for making a game with those physics, that much detail, etc on a small budget.

HOSe3312d ago

IL 2 STURMOVIK, i wish i have played more of it, but its kind of boring, and mw2 is just the game to play right now...

Snert3312d ago

Another trashy 360 exclusive, lol!!