GameZone: Lost Planet 2 Preview

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski was able to get a hands on with Lost Planet 2 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Does this massive Akrid slaying game up the ante with its sequel?

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Blaze9293308d ago

cant wait for this one to come out. 4p co-op is awesome

Caspel3308d ago

any game with co-op usually turns out for the better due to the inclusion.

athmaus3308d ago

thx for updated info..:)

H1ppyDave3308d ago

Good article, but I can´t help but fail to get the game somehow (maybe because I found the original a bit repetitive). But, hey, old age does that to a bloke.......

X_GAMER_X3308d ago

I downloaded the new demo. Got the code from Capcoom..Its pretty good and fun. I loved it

Caspel3308d ago

I wonder what the DL split will be between the 360 and PS3

barefootgamer3308d ago

The game looks interesting, but I already have a 4 player co-op game I never finished (Borderlands).

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