Final Fantasy XIV Beta Sign Up Now Live

Square Enix unleashed a plethora of info on the latest update for Final Fantasy XIV, which include the announcement of the Beta Sign up. As of now the only players in the new MMO are those who were selected for the closed Alpha Phase, which is usually a very controlled group of people, and not the general public. However, the Beta

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Nitrowolf23305d ago

you need a FF13 promotional code

Kerrby3305d ago

What a stupid website (thegameheadz)...

Reibooi3305d ago

The beta Sign up has been up for more then a month.

You also DO NOT need a code to apply. You need the code if you wish to apply for the PS3 version of the beta however even using the code(which you get from buying FFXIII) DOES NOT guarantee you access to the beta.

Myst3305d ago

Well for those who don't know Gamestop is now taking pre-orders for the game as well. Got back not to long ago finishing up Tri~ and was able to put $5.00 down on it, just in case anyone was wondering.

NegativeCreepWA3305d ago

This beta pissed me off I was signed up for the PC beta, then I got the code from FFXIII and it made me choose between the PC and PS3. Why cant I apply for both. So chose the PS3, but would also like to try it on the PC.

GameGambits3305d ago

How does crap like this get approved? This is so old it hurts.

People have known about beta sign up since FF13 came out in Japan last December. The beta sign ups started up what, January? Literally almost 3 months later these guys are just now "breaking" the news on something that is already ancient history.

Fire yourself from your own job please. :/

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Dellis3305d ago

I use the code, does that mean I am in?

tdrules3305d ago

no it means you're entered in.
like buying a lottery ticket

RedVsBlue3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

This was known since FF13 release lol

McErono3305d ago

no you don't need a FF13 code to sign up. problem is this site is running since weeks and still the square member login wont work.

Ngai3305d ago

It's not your Square-enix ID, its a different user name you've entered. Try recovering your pasword and you will recieve your user-name. Had the same problem.

Ngai3305d ago

I dont get this.. beta sign up has been up for ages.
Alpha selection is closed.
And they say the Alpha is really close and not general public? Yes it is.. it's regular people. Nothing fancy about it. it's just a earlier stage. I don't see the value of this article.. it's old news.. and the writer just says whats in the newsletters..

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The story is too old to be commented.