DualShockers PAX East 2010: Gunnar Optiks' Michael Polin Interview

DualShockers writes, "Out of all the companies on thePax East 2010 exhibition floor, I don't think any of them could even hold a candle to the VIP Tour Bus brought in by the Tritton/Gunnar Optiks crew. They had two things that trumped what everyone else had at the show. First, they definitely had the hottest booth babes by far… seriously it wasn't even close! And second (on a more serious note), they had what I thought was the most interesting technology at the convention, which came in the form of their Gunnar Optiks glasses.

Now I must admit that when I first caught wind of these, I was a skeptic. However, after trying out the pair that we received from Gunnar at the show, I have to say that I'm now definitely a believer. These amber colored shades are made for those of us who live the digital lifestyle. Whether your working, gaming, or even blogging like me, then you already know the strain you put your eyes through when staring at a monitor all day long. Michael Polin and Gunnar Optiks are here to make that a thing of the past. Check out the video interview..."

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Hitman07693311d ago

I have got to get these! I want the 3D ones too wo0t!

iFLOWLIKEWATER3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Its kind of a mixed bag on these. I read the little review in a Gameinformer mag and the staff said they couldn't really tell any difference. But they said there are a lot of Major League gamers who swear by them. I don't think the price is too steep at all especially if you game a lot.

Ninferno3311d ago

i want these pretty badly, kinda expensive though

JoelT3311d ago

they may seem expensive, especially since they start around 80 bucks. However, just think about how much you sit in front of the TV gaming or on the PC surfing that can possible justify the cost.

Hitman07693311d ago

The decrease on eye strain might be necessary for some people to experience 3D also like those who are prone to headaches and migraines.

Chadness3311d ago

They don't seem that expensive on their own (but I guess that is subjective based on who you talk to). The problem is, I bet prescription lenses for these are a lot more than what they mentioned, so that kind of puts a damper on my desire to have them. I probably couldn't justify the price, unfortunately.

IG_DARKSA1NT3311d ago

I tried them out at the MLG Combine this past weekend. They really do make a difference.

Hitman07693311d ago

I think I could easily justify the cost of an 80$ pair. I am more interested in the 3D ones at this point, I was surprised they have come with a universal 3D pair I'm definitely interested.

Hitman07693311d ago

These will definitely take off! I'm impressed that they also have a prescription program. I wonder if their 3D Glasses will be compatible to all 3D displays and solutions that are mainstream for gaming?

iiprotocolii3311d ago

I'm not to sure; but the ones they have available now are stereoscopic which is awesome.

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