Retailers to Back Blu-ray & HD DVD

Several large retailers plan to sell both High-Definition disc formats despite Blockbuster's semi-endorsement of Blu-ray.

That's according to an article by Video Business.

Blockbuster has announced that it will only sell and rent Blu-ray high-def discs in 1,450 stores, starting this month.

Although the video retailer says it will carry both Blu-ray and its rival HD DVD in 250 additional stores, Blu-ray supporters have called the Blockbuster decision a major victory.

But Video Business reports that, Best Buy, Virgin Megastores and Trans World all plan to continue to sell both high-def disc formats. While some concede that Blu-ray titles are selling better, they say there's still consumer interest in HD DVD.

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cdzie14306d ago

HD DVD & Blu-ray use the exact same compression codes (MPEG2, VC1, etc..) and the same sound codes (True HD, etc..). So why would anyone buy a Blu-ray player for $200-$300 more? The size of the disc? Most HD DVD movies use the dual layer 30 GB and most Blu-ray movies use the single layer 25 GB, so it’s not that. Planet Earth shipped on 4 discs for each format. “Lair Lair” on HD DVD fit on a single layer, 15 GB disc. So 30 GB is plenty big enough for any movie. What about interaction? HD DVD offers picture in picture and web-based special features, something Blu-ray can’t do.

Let’s talk about studios. Sony is under investigation for behind the scenes deals with some Hollywood studios. Fact: HD DVD has more studio support that Blu-ray (total studios, not just the big ones). The number of movies available is about the same for each format.

Let’s talk about sales. HD DVD has captured 70% of the high-def standalone player market.

I’ll be honest, Blu-ray got a huge boost from PS3, but they are certainly not running away with this thing. Don’t forget Toshiba will have HD DVD in all of its laptops by 2008, and they sell 10 million laptops a year. Don’t forget that HD DVD just became the national standard for China. Rumors of a $99 HD DVD player are getting louder photo:

Finally, if I’m wrong, and I might be, please tell me why Sony lowered the PS3 & BD-300 price and started a 5 free movie campaign? Because they know what HD DVD is up to and they are very concerned.

dale14305d ago

who watchs dvds on there laptops a part from billy no mates

ITR4304d ago

I do when I'm out and about or on the road.