Watch out US BitTorrent users, you may be sued for downloading illegal movies

If you are one of the many users who download movies illegally of the net via BitTorrent clients in the United States, you may be at risk of getting sued.

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Speed-Racer3311d ago

Hmm they fail to realise that they need to get publicity in the first place before dishing out big lawsuits.

ChozenWoan3310d ago

So umm...
... Slow News day?

darkmurder3310d ago

Peerguardian, need i say more.

Kratos Spartan3310d ago

waste of time since i have nothing for you to get

anonymouse1113353310d ago


You do realize peerguardian only slows your download speed down right? The IP's of the RIAA/MPAA are changed often for that reason.

I find it hypocritical when theres videogame piracy articles and they're saying it's the end of the gaming industry but the general consensus on this one is it's okay if it's a TV Show/Movie?

Let's face it, their copyrights are worth more than our human rights, if you let someone btorrow a movie/game/etc, you have borrowed/rented a movie/game/etc, you have essentially done what they call piracy, think about it and you'll realize it.

geth1gh3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

You are still at risk using peergaurdian, just not as high. Usenet is the way to go. yes, you pay $10-$15 a month for it, but you are paying for your own server, so say hello to a constant 2-3mb download. And since it is no peer to peer network, you are pretty safe.

You are only getting the information from that one server, so almost 100% safe, and even if somebody does catch on, your usenet server provider is more likely to take the heat than you are.

vickers5003310d ago


Logic on n4g?!? What blasphemy is this!

wicko3310d ago

By PeerGuardian you meant PeerBlock, which made the original software obselete. PG is no longer being updated, and PB is basically identical and is updated constantly. Pretty sure the developers are originally from Peer Guardian.

And no, PeerGuardian/PeerBlock do *not* slow down your downloads. Whoever said this has no idea what they're talking about. If anything, it speeds up as you are refusing connections with other IPs that are on the block list, and that consequently frees bandwidth. They change their IPs so that they can get past software like PB, but then PB just updates and adds the new IP to the list. There is plenty of valid info on their website.

For further security, I'd recommend using private trackers if possible.

anonymouse1113353310d ago


You do realize they don't constantly use the same IP right? And that IP's get changed from person to person periodically, whereas a IP from something like media defender may have been blocked a few weeks ago it could be a legit peer now, and since that IP is blocked you can't share with them.

Private Trackers don't help much since most of the anti-piracy groups are still scraping the tracker to get your IP, which can be done without registration, Warner Brothers are also hiring people to mainitain accounts at private trackers now.

evrfighter3310d ago

peer block if you're using windows 7 64 bit

HolyOrangeCows3310d ago

"“The genesis of this legal campaign occurred in Germany when lawyers from the US Copyright Group were introduced to a new proprietary technology by German-based Guardaley IT that allows for real-time monitoring of movie downloads on torrents"

HolyOrangeCows3310d ago

On a serious note, why is this practice legal? Isn't this practice of obtaining IP addresses illegal?

anonymouse1113353310d ago


Not that I know of, technically by downloading it you are doing something illegal, the Cross Days thing where they uploaded screenshots of pirates' desktops was technically illegal for malware and invasion of privacy, but with these things the logic seems to be two wrongs make a right

ikkeweer3310d ago

You'll be safe, lol, what are they gonna do?, sue 30% of the world?

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DarkBlood3311d ago

they cant take out everyone who does this though i imagine theres more then 500,000 doing this they are just wasting thier time.

PrimordialSoupBase3310d ago

They may make an example of a few individuals, and it probably wouldn't go far in court anyway. Simply put, you're more likely to win the lottery than be subject to significant legal action as a consumer of pirated media.

INehalemEXI3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

If they do come after ya, go with an identity theft defense. Tell them you type with 2 fingers.

D4RkNIKON3311d ago

This is terrifying news... I download movies constantly if they are not on Netflix's instant streaming.

HxCGamer3310d ago

i do that too haha but i still think chances of getting caught are still minimal.. you gotta have terrible luck to get sued over this

FragGen3310d ago

20K lawsuits? that's like what? 0.01% of sll bit torrent users in any given month? And these are for what? German independent films pirated in the US? Talk about long odds.

f7897903310d ago

Dude if you have netflix, why are you even downloading them illegally?

What Would Kratos Do3311d ago


I'd imagine a defence lawyer would be laughing all the way to the bank with prosecution evidence thats 'pretty' accurate.

AssassinHD3310d ago

The burden of proof in a civil case is not nearly as heavy as that of a criminal case, so "pretty well" is well enough.

Godmars2903310d ago

By the sound of things you're only going to get sued if you download German indy films.

There are 50,000 US bit torrent users who DL German movies? Indy German movies?!

FragGen3310d ago

This crossed my mind, too. Sounds like they caught ALL of them and then some. :)