It's Sony's Turn To Steal from Microsoft At E3

For the past few years, Microsoft has dropped bombshells on the gaming industry by revealing what were once Sony exclusives could now be played on the Xbox 360. Some of the most notable ones are Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, and the grand slam Final Fantasy XIII. But the tables have turned, as it seems there are no more notable games left that Microsoft could grab away, since they were developed and owned by Sony.

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Mr_Bun4266d ago

ME would be a bigger deal than SC. It would also solidify the term "Xbox Exclusive...ish"

edgeofblade4266d ago

Honestly, I would love to hear a third-party exclusive like the Mass Effect go multi-platform. It's a great series with an incredibly flexible story. I believe Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have every right to field their own studios to make their own exclusives, but third-parties should be developing for all the consoles they can.

One might think this means I'm turning into a PS3 fanboy, seeing as how Sony has the most first-party exclusives... but my preference in consoles has more to do with the controller than anything else, and I like the 360 controller better.

TOO PAWNED4266d ago

Sony won E3 in last 3 years as far as content goes. If you are into Yoko Ono and Spilberg, thant fine MS won, it's that i thought this was about games, not beatles and other celebrities that don't give a sh.t about games, other than making money on it.

Joule4266d ago

Sonys already got great games.

IdleLeeSiuLung4266d ago

You know that the Xbox is no longer a joke when we are talking about how Sony is stealing MS exclusives.

With that said, I'm with edgeofblade. I don't care if they turn multi-plat. It just means more people get to play it and I'm down for that.

MiloGarret4266d ago

So you'd say no to a game like Mass Effect? That's the dumbest comment I've seen in a while, and I visit n4g almost everyday... Be proud.

I hope Sony somehow "steals" the entire Mass Effect series, just so I can play it without the sound of the xbox in the background.

HxCGamer4266d ago

i dont understand how there's still people that worship the 360

MS always lies and introduces a lot of ish at E3 as exclusives and most people dont know that this "exclusives" can be played on their PC nd will likely come to the ps3 eventually

..PS3 has had the best E3s this past couple of years and i dont think that is going to change anytime soon....

...on that note halo:reach is my most anticipated game overall
eh i cant help it, i<3halo

Immortal3214266d ago

I'm not supporting this type of marketing, but we all know this ain't really stealing.

That just mean that sony needs more competition, if you look at it. Sony ps3 can only do everything, psn is or almost equivalent to xbl while being free, also ps move will be the wii in HD, then you have Sony's 1st party games that blows the competition out of the water, we all know it, it's just that the media make the fanboys believe there games still have a chance.

4Sh0w4266d ago

Nothings been stolen, those games didn't "belong" to sony. Also all those games microsoft got on their system increased 360's mindshare, whether they sold well or not, basicly microsoft just did it to say they have all the biggest 3rd party games on their console because just like many of you public perception was that those games belonged to sony and as long as they remained ps3 exclusive on some level that meant sony had more 3rd party support from certain developers.

I don't see anything wrong with microsoft having exclusives from 3rd parties, its no different than sony having Heavenly Sword exclusive, but hopefully ME and SC Conviction will go to the ps3 one day, although if history is any indicator timed exclusive games coming late to the ps3 in terms of sales never do well, which leads me to think is there a whole lot of incentive on the part of the dev's to still port them to ps3.

Inside_out4266d ago

No reason third party developers should be on one console only...A very Bad business decsion...let the market ( gamers ) decide what system they want to play their games on...Have all consoles...360 would win every time...Simple really...Xbox live and best controller ever seal the deal...

360 multi-plats out sell PS3 2 to 1...If KZ2 was on xbox it would of sold twice as many games as PS3...Any decent game on PS3 would of sold better...360 gamer console...EVERYBODY in the industry knows that...PS3 a cheap blu ray player....

Microsoft manhandled Sony last E3...Man, it was embarrassing...Natal blew everybody away...Felt bad for Sony...Sony needs to embrace third party developers...MW2, Alan Wake, and Natal just crushed Sony....Fanboys trying to rewrite't even mention MGS..OUCH....moving on...

Biggest4266d ago

It's very hard to believe that you take yourself seriously. lol

XRider4266d ago

The E3 of all E3's was when Final Fantasy was announced multiplatform. The net exploded after that bomb was dropped. I'm sorry but ME or SC going to the PS3 wont be as big as FF13 but it would give PS3 fanboys some bragging rights for a couple of weeks. Then again you never know what MS may bring to E3 after all they have two stages to set up. IMO nothing big will happen on any side.

Rip-Ridah4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

I agree with most of your comment; however, "I don't see anything wrong with microsoft having exclusives from 3rd parties, its no different than sony having Heavenly Sword exclusive..." This is the part that troubles me. Heavenly Sword is owned by Sony. *EDIT* To address your statement/question as to whether it is even worth devs porting their games to the PS3...I think that most devs look at the big picture of the future. I bought Bioshock on my PS3 (havent played it yet). If I thoroughly enjoy it, guess what, I'll buy Bioshock 2, probably 3, 4, and so on. Not only am I a consumer that has possibly become a new fan of the series, but I am now an indirect marketing tool. (e.g. Word of mouth to family and friends, 99 other potential PS3 users seeing me play it while on PSN and inquiring about said game.) The sales part of situation can be addressed with the likes of Ico/Shadow of the Colossus. Although neither title broke the bank in terms of sales, I guarantee you that The Last Guardian will likely outsell both those titles combined. My point being -- because we had a chance to experience Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, Team Ico/Sony paved the way for The Last Guardian to thrive in critical and commercial success.

4Sh0w4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

However Ninja Theory is NOT owned by sony, yet they made an exclusive for ps3, nobody ever complained about them doing so, so my point is that it should definitely be OK for microsoft to have exclusives from studio's which they don't own(3rd party). Insomniac is also not owned by Sony but has so far only done ps3 exclusives, thats fine but again lets not have a double standard if you support any one company having exclusives from a studio they don't own then its hypocritical to call out microsoft/3rd party devs when they make an exclusive for 360.

Furthermore at the heart of the issue if you believe its fine for either platform to have exclusives then you shouldn't get upset over any company having them whether they own the studio or not, because essentially most "owned studios" are not studio's that were formed and built from the ground up by sony or microsoft, they are mostly former independent studio's that were bought out by sony or microsoft, how is that any different from buying games from a 3rd party really.

Also theres no proof that simply having a past installment of a IP on a console will translate to higher sales for the sequel, actually Bioshock 2 really contradicts your theory, it hasn't exactly lit up the sales chart on either console, its sold over 2:1 in favor of 360 so far and theres nothing really there suggesting that it would of sold less on the ps3 had they not ported the original to ps3, actually you could argue that considering the much larger install base of both consoles and how highly regarded the original was that it might of sold more simply out of curiosity from ps3 only owners to finally have the IP playable on ps3, but the most likey reasoning for Bioshock2 didn't have amazing sales is that the sequel just didn't bring the same excitement as the original, which again negates your theory that just having a the original game on your platform increases the sales for the sequel, NO the sequel will sell well based on its own merits.

vvvv @Rip-Ridah, Now you're splitting hairs, what does it matter if the game itself are owned by sony? The point is they are independent and could have made the game available to all if it were not for sony just like a 3rd party dev has the ability to do, so if microsoft wants to pay a 3rd party to make a title exclusive or timed exclusive for 360 its essentially the same END RESULT, symantecs aside, both companies try to do the same thing, get games on their platform that the other doesn't have to sell their brand, why make microsoft out to be a villian for doing exactly what every smart businessman wants to do.

Christopher4266d ago

While I get your intent, the PS3 could definitely use some more great games, especially on the WRPG side of things.

Rip-Ridah4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Thanks for the response. Glad that there can be civil debates on here. I think that you are missing the points in my arguments. We are talking about the games not the developers. Yes you are right, Ninja Theory and Insomniac are independent developers that have done exclusive games on the PS3. But the exclusive games that they made are OWNED by SONY. Sony just contracted them to create the game. Enslaved (next Ninja Theory game) is NOT owned by Sony and therefore is a multiplatform game. There has been no uproar (that I'm aware of) over it being multiplatform either. Can you feel what I'm saying? **EDIT**

I see your point with Bioshock, however, you take what I said out of context. My point was purely an educated guess regarding what the devs motives are but fact when it comes to my own personal data. You cant win the Lottery if you dont play. In essence, 2K cant sell any nor could I buy any Bioshock PS3 games if none exist. We could attribute all sorts of factors as to why they sold the way they sold. The fact of the matter is that they sold. It wouldn't have been possible if it wasnt available. The devs/pubs motives for doing what they do varies. Not all companies sole motivation is absolute profit.

Spitting hairs?? If you cant distinguish the difference from a title that is owned by the company and not, I rest my case. I cant say anything more to help you understand. Halo 1,2, 3 CAN NOT be multiplat because it is OWNED by Microsoft...Bungie isnt. To be clear though, I never made either company out to be anything. I have my preferences, but I remain neutral on the whole internet flame console war. Be cool homie and thanks for reading what I had to say. See you in game sometime.

ThanatosDMC4266d ago

If you dont have a 360 and only have a PS3, you can buy ME and ME2 at discounted prices on Steam. Great games.

ShinRyuHadoken4266d ago

NO way, we don't need that. PS3 have alot off AAA exclusives already. Please no Bungie on PS3. PSN are not for 12y old kiddies.

ProjectVulcan4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Would be happy with GTA 5 as an exclusive again. No design limit for DVD then

bioshock12214266d ago

I don't know about Splinter Cell conviction going multiplatform Ubisoft has said time and time again that it's not gonna go the PS3.

As for Mass Effect 2 I think everyone expects that to go multiplatform not Mass Effect 1 since MS published that but Mass Effect 2 will since both EA and Bioware have refused to just flat out deny that it's coming to the PS3. So It shouldn't be that surprising when it does.

edgeofblade4266d ago

Wow... the comments and the agree/disagree ratio on my original reply prove just how over-the-top the bias is on n4g. It's downright incredible that people would reject a developer because they have been "tainted" by Microsoft.

Ungrateful sods, the lot of you. You would be damned lucky to have Bungie making a game for PS3 or to have ME on PS3. But you sound like the FF13 fanboys booing the 360, like children.

sinclaircrown4266d ago

Wouldn't even more great games be better for everyone who owns a PS3? Or if it was already once on the 360 its not good enough for the PS3, right?

Let's say MS announces a new game at E3 that gets killer reviews. You wouldn't want Sony to have it on the PS3 if it was possible?

Bubble Buddy4266d ago

I find it funny how the exclusives Sony lost (GTA & FF): one turned to be one of the most overhyped games eve, and the other, not so spectacular compared to the other FF games in the series. We'll see about Rising.

raztad4266d ago

ME not coming to PS3 is obviously no more than some sort of timed exclusivity deal MS secured. EA is a multiplat company by definition, if it's up to them they would port ME to the PSP.

Thing is if EA takes too long to port ME over it would flop badly, as BioShock and few other had before.

ME is installed on my laptop, it runs smooth, at 720p with good textures. Still need to finish it, good game though.

More games the better, playing Fallout 3 along with GoW3 and MAG. Having a blast with it.

Army_of_Darkness4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

"Microsoft manhandled Sony last E3...Man, it was embarrassing...Natal blew everybody away..."

did your head malfunction & shut off before MS showed those lag infested natal games along with that "BAM!" retarded avatar demo!?
oh yeah... that splish splash pre-school painting game from natal really man handled sony's motion controller alrite :-/.......

N4BmpS4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

I thought this was going to be a big reveal article, I was sadly mistaken. When I got to this specific sentence "And while nothing is confirmed yet, Sony has said it has some big announcements to be shared at E3." I stopped reading, Smh and continued to amuse myself. This article pretty much pointless.

cayal4266d ago

Metal Gear Solid - Rising was never PS3 exclusive.

gintoki7774266d ago

why steal be original >.> lol

otherZinc4266d ago

M$ took SONY's "Undisputed BEST SELLERS!" GTA, FF, & Metal Gear: Mass Effect & Splinter Cell, though fantastic games & better than anything on the PS3: But, aren't the best sellers on the 360.

Gears, Fable, & Halo, are going nowhere! Enjoy.

& more power to SONY people that only have a PS3, the Mass Effect series is one of the best series in the history of entertainment! And, Splinter Cell is right there.

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ubiquitious4266d ago

E3 won't be about old games, it'll be about Natal vs. Move.

Will Natal fail and the masses be forced to move on to WiiHD? Or will Natal blow everyone and all current tech out out of the water?

My money's on Natal. This is the E3 of Innovation.

edgeofblade4266d ago

I think Natal will ultimately be the more "popular" for the same reasons Wii was popular. And I will own one.

But my money is on Move for creating more compelling core content.

bjornbear4266d ago

so to me, it'll be about the games

you are a fanboy, so to you, its anything that you can flame about pointlessly with your peers.

in this case, it will be natal vs move

boodybandit4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

if not an even bigger role at E3 for Sony than Move will. Don't forget 3D is focused on BluRay and they want to push that as an all in one package. If 3D takes off Sony will have cornered the market with BluRay, 3D with motion controls all in one nice little package.

I am looking forward to E3 more for how 3D will be implemented than what motion controls will offer me. I saw the 3D setups at Best Buy and I am definitely picking one up when the firmware comes out for 3D. Most of Sony's big market titles will be patched for 3D like God of War 3 and Uncharted 2. A rep at Best Buy played GOW3 and saw GT5 in 3D and said it was mind blowing the depth 3D gave him without any loss in detail.

Either way this is going to be one of the best gaming years ever! Too many games and not enough time to play them all.

IdleLeeSiuLung4266d ago

I'm probably passing on 3D unless some really compelling games is coming out, but even then the cost of a new LCD TV and goggles makes this technology something for tomorrow.

Furthermore, I wasn't that impressed with Avatar in 3D.... It was exciting the first hour and after that you couldn't help, but notice all the things wrong with the 3D.

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alaa4266d ago

E3 2010 will be a good one indeed. I'm already excited!

claterz4266d ago

Same I can't wait, imo Sony had a better e3 last year too =\

THC CELL4266d ago

Sony always wins e3 move along

Comet4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )


karan86244266d ago

Halo is owned by MS

So, no. I honestly dont want it either so thats fine

AngryTypingGuy4266d ago

I don't think Sony guys would play ME 1 or 2 anyway, because they've let us know over and over again how crappy they think they are. Unless of course...they secretly want the games on the PS3. LOL, nah, couldn't be.

yoghurt4266d ago

What xbox 360 exclusives are there? I mean real exclusives that are not on PC?

creamydingle4266d ago

Alan Wake, Fable 2, Forza.

GiantEnemyCrab4266d ago

Alan Wake? Crackdown 2? Halo Reach? Fable 3?

Hrm, don't think any of those would have a chance since they are all either published or developed by MGS.

So yes, not much to steal since everything is locked down.