Resident Evil 4 and PlayStation Move?

Rely on Horror, Editor Jorge Bocanegra writes: "Im here to unofficially confirm the existence of an HD Resident Evil 4 for the PS3 that is set to utilize Playstation Move."

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qface643122d ago

ahh that's right its almost april fools

Noctis Aftermath3122d ago

We all might aswell not bother to check gaming sites over the next few days since people are doing this stupid sh1t.

claterz3122d ago

Lol its a pretty bad time for game related announcements, don't know what to believe.

Whitefox7893122d ago

I won't mind any Aprils fools jokes as long as they don't pertain to Shenmue.

DaMa3122d ago

the original story was posted on march 30th, thats way too early for an april fools don't you think? I talked with the original poster and he assured me it has nothing to do with April fools.

mastiffchild3122d ago

But why RE4 if it's not a joke? We've already seen RE5 work with the Move tech so why on earth go back with all the expense of HDing Resi4?

Hell, for those who didn't get the opportunity to play the Wii version of Resi4 I can say it was the best version, imo, of a great game but as it's already been done I'd avoid unless bundled with Resi5 as well-which would be a killer package in terms of content and, cos of Resi4 being such a classic, quality too. Maybe the motion controls could even make up for having to put up with that USELESS woman.

sikbeta3122d ago


No RE4-HD, Probably a Simple Port from the wii version, IF Capcom put REø+REmake+RE4 on a Single Blu-Ray, I Get Rid of the GC in a Second...


The RE Remake would be cool.

One of the best REs.

gillri3122d ago

wow RE4 is one of the all-time greats would be awesome

Wolfie3122d ago

Noooo! I want RE1,2,3,CV,0,Remake HD Remastered on on a single blu-ray disc!

nefertis3122d ago

Now that my friend I will be a happy gamer. Playb3yond

BeaArthur3122d ago

It might be an April Fools but it also might be true. This is the best in the franchise and I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom tries to milk it for all they can.

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The story is too old to be commented.