Uncharted 3 Animation Production Underway?

Gameguru "We found out David Lam's profile who has worked on numerous animation projects including Uncharted 2 and Halo: ODST and is currently back working with Naughty Dog on an "Unannounced Project" which we can assume is Uncharted 3."

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GR8 13308d ago

Who cares Uncharted is a tomb raider wanna be with cartoon graphics.

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Niles3308d ago

news if true...UC2 has some of the best animation system...

TOO PAWNED3308d ago

"Some" of best? How about BEST animations hands down

Saigon3308d ago

We wont see Uncharted 3 til next year...

Gamehead363308d ago

Heavenly Sword rivals UC2's animation.

sikbeta3308d ago

YES!!! UC3... I can't wait for that Game...

Rock Bottom3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

HS might be "almost" as good as UC2 in cut-scenes animations, but there's just no comparison between the two games in in-game animation.

Kratos Spartan3308d ago

How can one improve perfection?

Commander TK3307d ago

ask Kojima. He is the only one that can define the word "perfection"

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Heavenly Sword:


Both have one of the best animations and voice acting in this generation.

Just because Heavenly Sword is old, doesn't mean it have a great animation.

Im talking about the Cut scenes.

In Game UC2 is better.

Eamon3307d ago

They need to keep that action holywood film feel that UC2 had.
The amazing train level and the jumping-from-vehicle-to-vehicl e level (lol).

They improved so much from UC1 to UC2. Hope they do the same for UC3.

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kenpachi3308d ago

that's higher rated then every 360 exclusive

Abash3308d ago

As much as I love Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2, I hope the take a break from the series after Uncharted 3 and start working on a Jak IV.

cry from the sky3308d ago

2011 if this comes out. it WILL GET GOTY. cant get past this feeling.

TOO PAWNED3308d ago

He worked on UNC2 February 2009 — September 2009 (8 months) , hmm it could be that NG is preparing game for this year, maybe Jak 4? while at the same time working on U3 for 2011. I hope so.

claterz3308d ago

Hope it's Move enabled, *Fingers Crossed* lol

Redempteur3308d ago

no thanks need to put move over everything ...

it's kinda like uncharted 1 that had sixaxis moments ... it worked better in uncharted 2 without these

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