New action packed Alan Wake images emerge

Remedy just unleashed four new screenshots of their upcoming Xbox360 exclusive, Alan Wake. Out of the 4 new shots, two of them show Alan fighting off and running away from his enemies.

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LordMarius3307d ago

whats with the playstation 1 graphics?

WOLFLord3306d ago

my thoughts exaclty on unhcarted 2 pppppppathetic lloookking enviroments

MerkinMax3306d ago

The fact that your comment got 16 agrees saddens me.

vader12312313306d ago

I know man. Does that [email protected]$tard know how ridiculously retarded he made himself look?

FangBlade3307d ago

Isn't this game supposed to be first person?

Foxgod3307d ago

Third person, its a resident evil style game.

Hoolock3307d ago

but it does pull away from the character a lot from the videos ive seen. Lots of camera pans and slow-mo scenes to get the film feel.

AnttiApina3306d ago

What the heck? A breakdancer in that night picture?

Commander TK3306d ago

game of 2010 despite not having a 360

sid4gamerfreak3306d ago

I feel that Alan Wake has tons of potential. Im definitely looking out for this one...

Christopher3306d ago

Not to be too big of a pain in the arse... but aren't screenshots kind of the opposite of 'action packed'?

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Inside_out3306d ago

I wouldn't call those screens action packed, maybe one...BUT...they do show off the awesome environments...Can't wait for this game...Things quiet in the hype department...MAYBE tooo quiet...QUICK...Somebody turn on the lights...LMAO...