No Dpad: Aftermath Review

No Dpad:

Combining elements of the dual-stick shooter with elements of survival horror, Aftermath is a game unlike its peers. A lone survivor in a zombie infested city, you must survive the night with only a flashlight and whatever weapons you can scrounge on the streets. Aftermath, by TwoHeads Games, is incredibly atmospheric, permeated by a sense of desperation and a definite high point for zombie gaming on the iPhone.

At first glance, Aftermath appears similar to zombie shooters like Alive 4-Ever. But while Alive 4-Ever is all about shooting, Aftermath is more about surviving. Comparing the two is like comparing the film 28 Days Later to Zombieland. Both are about zombies, but the two are worlds apart in tone and impact. Aftermath is most definitely the 28 Days Later of iPhone zombie games. The very best entries in the Resident Evil series of survival horror games were those that constantly held you on the edge, where you never quite felt as if you had enough health restoratives or ammunition to pull a victory, where you felt imperiled and overwhelmed at every moment. Beyond the first few levels, Aftermath nails this as well. You constantly feel as if you are about to be overrun by the endless droves of undead, attempting to fend off attackers ahead while also fighting those in pursuit, and all the while eying your dwindling munitions in concern, navigating dark, rain soaked streets in search of safety. Aftermath is not a long game, but makes up for its brevity in intensity.

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