Sony's 3D Shutter Glasses and the PS3 writes:

After Eddie saw a power button the glasses he tried them on and instantly he was sucked into playing Wipeout in 3D. At first, just like he assumed, another way of viewing the game, but the more and more he played, he found himself making adjustments differently.

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2FootYard3826d ago

Wow, sounds like more gimmicky trash to me. Oh, wait its from Sony so its the greatest most original thing ever invented and I will buy three pairs of them just to support Sony.

I have the same dream every night: The gray clouds blanketing the sky part; glorious rays of multicolored light emanate from the newly formed rift; the rays start to focus in a single point above a shallow pool of water near where I am standing; then the light fades and standing ankle deep in the now boiling water is a naked Jack Tretton.

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Anorexorcist3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Stay off the Hillbilly Heroin, M'Kay!

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Redempteur3826d ago

kinda want wipeout HD in 3d ...

-Alpha3826d ago

Me too. As long as this doesn't have any health issues or is cheap enough I'll try it out. Wand + 3D= Win.

ShinRyuHadoken3826d ago

SONY glasses has POWER BUTTON!! WOW!

But why the power button? Maybe to let the PS3 turn 3D on?

RememberThe3573826d ago

The classes and TV have to flicker in some way and that is how they make things look 3D. The glasses need to be turned on to do so and you also obviously have to charge them, as well.

siliticx3826d ago

Considering Glasses actually come with blu-ray players and not the TV themselves and also considering that those aforementionned glasses SYNCH with the blu-ray drives themselves, i'm assuming sony will be selling some kind of ps3 bundle right? cause im not paying 500$ for the glasse,s no thanks.

beardpapa3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I was at Best Buy checking out their selection of 3D tvs they had on display in their Magnolia dept. I have to say I'd like to invest in one as soon as 3D blu ray movies and games are out. $2499 for a 40in + screen isn't too bad. I know LCDs are cheap now but several years ago I paid roughly about the same for an equally sized LCD.

The tvs at Best Buy weren't Sony, I think Phillips but it also had the glasses w/ power button. I think the family next to me were equally impressed. It just adds so much depth and immersion to the experience. I can't wait to see how much of a better experience this will give to driving games or fps.

Army_of_Darkness3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I didn't expect 3d glasses to be $225 a piece (from samsung) at best buy! WTF?! I was expecting like $10-$15 most! Sony better not charge nowhere near that $225 price for a damn pair of glasses! or I'm not gonna even think about going 3D.

princejb1343826d ago

sinces its a accesory i most likely see a $50-80 dollar price tag
and if it can make every game 3d i would absolutely buy it
uncharted 2 in 3d ftw=]

Syronicus3826d ago

The price WILL be right eventually. This is the time for early adapters to go 3D but it will be another year before we see the less expensive sets come to retail. Eventually, 3D will be just another household item that people can have if they want it. I for one will have it but not right now. I do have to say that Wipeout 3D sounds tits.

sikbeta3826d ago

Gran Turismo 5 + 3D = EPIC WIN

3D Gaming will be Huge...

Narutone663826d ago

comes with the TV, and if you want additional glasses, it's going to cost about $130~150 each right now. The cost will eventually come down later on. The power button is to sync with the 3DTV so that the 3D effect will work. Otherwise you will only be seeing 2D.

Saigon3826d ago

the glasses look cool...

Pennywise3826d ago

Why are they tinted? I saw a Samsung commercial and they had tinted glasses too. Doesn't this kill the color?

MAR-TYR-DOM3826d ago

lol dont get too excited folks. This will be a fail at launch not because of the technology but price. I was at bestbuy the other day, and the 3d glasses were 300$ a pair. You also need a 3D tv. So yeah, this aint going to appeal to the mass market.

AL Faris3825d ago

They're active shutter glasses i.e. the tint in each lens can actively be tuned based on what is happening, and the colours, on screen. This allows for infinitely better depth of field sensations than your standard tinted 3D glasses

Shrinkwrap3825d ago

I was viewing 3D back in the 80's, using the Commodore Amiga computer. Had the LCD shutters, my monitor was not 3d ready, this is just a hype term they use. It's just software and hardware sync of two screens laced together, turning on and off, the higher the refresh rate, the less it flickers. Really just about any current TV could work. Lightwave even let u render 3D animations to view with the shutter glasses back then, along with a couple of games that could be played. It was pretty awesome playing with 3D back then and I still do today. Looking forward to enjoying 3d now, even more.

Took them long enough. LCD (S) Glasses back then were around 120 dollars.

EvilBlackCat3825d ago

$3500 for a new tv

$100+ for the glasses

$300+ for a PS3 console

$60+ for Games

jahcure3825d ago

They are tinted for the cinematic feel. I also was confused as to why they tinted the glasses but when you think about it, movies are "supposed" to be seen in a dark room (example the movie theater) it actually helps in the immersion into the movie. The movie theaters are dark so you don't get distracted by anything other than the screen.

Anyways, if you wear tinted glasses in a dark room it won't make a difference. Also, the 3d glasses at the movie theater are tinted as well, we just don't notice it because the theater is...well..dark :-p

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ShinRyuHadoken3825d ago

Wow. Easy guys no need for disagrees. Ok so it's to turn 3D on. :)

Danteh3825d ago

@all the people who say glasses are tinted to make it more movie-like.... actually is not like this.

Glasses are tinded because that is the key of the 3D technology. Each eye only receives a part of the image (the "tint" blocks the other) and then tricks the brain to form a 3D image by overlapping the images.

Much the same way we see in real-life, we only "see" the image in the brain, the eyes are only a vehicle.

Remember those old red/blue crappy glasses which came with some books and let you see them in 3D? It's kinda the same :D

JsonHenry3825d ago

I remember back in 2002 I played Unreal Tournament in 3D using this type of glasses at a tech convention. I found myself getting stuck in doorways/ground objects less often as well as jumping between platforms seemed to get easier as I played.

I hope this tech finally takes hold since it has literally been around as long as TVs have been.

frostypants3825d ago

If Sony comes out with a GOOD sword fighting game for the Move, in 3D...they win. Forget it, it would just be over.

likedamaster3825d ago

Bring on the innovation Sony!


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Dellis3826d ago

3D is a freaking fail, you need to play with a 100 inch for the true

feeling of 3D.

Pandamobile3826d ago

Or buy a 24" monitor and sit a foot away from it like I do :D

anh_duong3826d ago

that is not true.. not sure where you got that info from.

Daver3825d ago


what are you talking about... the only fail is you dude, no wonder why you only have 1 bubble left

jahcure3825d ago

if any of you go to best buy instead of talking from an uninformed perspective you would see Dellis is making sense. When the screen is smaller (40") you will notice stuff to the side of the tv and the 3d does not seem as fluid. it looks tacked on. Just go to best buy and try it. It looks like a pop out book in front your face that has a defined boarder.

Now if you are going to sit 3 feet from the tv then this point is moot, but how many of you sit that close to your televisions? And how thick are your glasses....??

JsonHenry3825d ago

I sit 2.5 feet away from a 46"HD LCD Bravia while I play my PC and Xbox games. If I can convince my wife I need two more TVs just like it I will be using Eyefinity to play my PC games in a 3x1 setup, also sitting 2.5 away. More than enough screen real estate to get a good 3D experience.

Drac3825d ago

I sit about 2-3 feet from my TV when playing games, but then I'll probably not be able to use this tech as I'm legally blind in one eye.

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NaiNaiNai3826d ago

Be careful.

If you wear them outside sony will pull the support and make you give the glasses back.

Elvfam5113826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Good try maybe next time.


You mean ps3 fanboy right. It was to long of a joke man. Don't worry I'm not a HUGE PS3 FANBOY anymore. I come here for laughable comments and priceless jokes.

NaiNaiNai3826d ago

its supposed to be a joke. but your kind doesn't understand those sorts of things.

HolyOrangeCows3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

That was a pretty weak joke. Stop trying so hard with your off-topic troll spam jokes, fanboy.

I'm sure you're REEEEEAL upset about a feature being KIA from the PS3 you don't have.

NaiNaiNai3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Yes I'm so upset.

Please go look up Innocent_Grey on'll find me :P


I've never understood why I'm a troll.

also why do people call me a 360 fanboy when my favorite game this gen is LBP...Not to mention I hate Halo.

Its just funny how pathetic and ignorant the worlds populace really is.


Microsoft Xbox 3603826d ago

Lame attempt at trying to be funny. Stick to being a troll instead.

Ju3826d ago

You guys are really sensitive. Come on, I thought it was funny.

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The Lazy One3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

the article is in first person, but the summary is in third person.

I find that odd.

edit: shutter glasses shouldn't require a new tv too. Polarized glasses would, but shutter glasses are good because they should work with any tv.

Siesser3826d ago

It's been a while since I bothered contributing articles, but if the rules still stand from when the site first switched over, you have to change all first person to third when posting the summary.

Rhythmattic3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

The Lazy One

"edit: shutter glasses shouldn't require a new tv too. Polarized glasses would, but shutter glasses are good because they should work with any tv."

My Thoughts Exactly....

Thats the way Nvidia glasses work with standard PC Monitors.

beardpapa3826d ago

Good points. Though go check them out at Best Buy. They seem to have a non BB guy knowledgeable in the tech answering questions for customers, and he just kinda hangs around near the 3D tv demo area.

Rhythmattic3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )


Thanks for the Info.... Will check this out.

T.O.L. I wonder if Sony are trying to keep the consumer in the dark to sell more "Sony" Panels. Or, deliberately making the system proprietary ?


DaTruth3826d ago

The Bluray drives work with HDMI 1.4, so you will need another TV regardless because HDMI 1.4 wasn't built into televisions until 3D!

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