Forza 3 Pagani Zonda World Challenge – Be part of it


"OXCGN and Forza Racing League are presenting the worlds first Pagani Zonda World Challenge which will be run over a 2 week period from 24th April through to 2nd May 2010. This will include initial qualifying periods for each region, Regional 'Shoot-Outs' to determine 3 drivers from each region, who will then compete in the Inaugural Pagani Zonda World Challenge.

Prizes are on offer comprising both in-game prizes as well as real world goods of value.

The aim of the event is to bring more racing gamers together in a competitive but legitimate atmosphere where drivers are competitors, not enemies."

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Immortal3213307d ago

all because it have car tuning. Need for speed have car tuning but it's not as in dept as forza's or GT series. We all know, driving simulator do not show a cars stats like, speed 7, accelerating 8 ect.

gaminoz3307d ago

It will be interesting to see which country has the best 'virtual' drivers :)

kaveti66163307d ago

yeah, it's a very fun game. Maybe one day you guys will have a game to play.

maxcer3307d ago

i would put my money on another demo before that happens

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The story is too old to be commented.