Two Texas schools to start Wii-based education and fitness programs

Two Texas-based schools will start using the Nintendo Wii to aid in teaching students--one using the system to provide therapy and instruction for disabled students while the other will promote better health with Wii Fit.

While Shigeru Miyamoto has been hoping for Japanese schools to adopt the DS as a learning tool, his company's other video game system is slowly but surely become a favored item among US educators. Two schools based out of Lindale, Texas will soon be starting programs based on Wii hardware and software, each utilizing Nintendo's home console in different ways.

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LordMarius3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

I protest, I PROTEST.

Taxpayer money shouldn't be going to this

HolyOrangeCows3311d ago

Hmm......$200 Wii + $100 Balance board + Software prices + Additional controllers
$10 football.

Hmm....decisions, decisions.

Pillage053311d ago

There are a lot of failing school systems in the states today and this is how texas decides to spend its taxpayers dollars. outrageous if you ask me.

DarkBlood3312d ago

damn those arms look really fragile

HolyOrangeCows3311d ago

And that butt.......

....just kidding. LOL

CellularDivision3311d ago

Wow dude, i cant believed you noticed that. Shes 10 years old.

-Alpha3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Just a thought. It's already been proven Wii Fit doesn't get you nowhere near the required daily exercise for proper fitness.

Darkstorn3311d ago

I have to agree. I'm sure Texas has the facilities needed for real sports, they should take advantage of them instead of spending potentially millions on this Wii exercise crap.

iceman063311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

You have programs designed to take the role of teachers out of education, much like the health care industry has replaced many doctors with Physician's Assistants and Nurse Practicianers. Yes it will decrease costs, but is it as effective? I don't have issues with supplementary education long as they truly benefit the educational process. School budgets are strained as it is, so we divert funds that could provide for programs that provide proper health and physical fitness education and we buy video games? While, there are probably schools in that very same district that have not had an updated curriculum in years, or adequate funding for new books or technology like computers, projectors, AV equipment, etc., or enough teachers to support the ever-growing number of students.

Sorry for the rant, but this strikes close to home. I was laid off in August from a district that severely mismanaged financial issues by spending on programs WITHOUT supporting teachers with what is TRULY needed: more teachers (as 9th and 10th grade science teachers have more than 35 students per class), supplies (I don't make money, yet I am expected to FUND any experiments that I can't find supplies for), new computers (I had 3 in my room...for 30 students...and they are from 1995), other tech, and just general support (we are expected to provide educational support for over 300 students that are learning or behavioral disabled WITHOUT more than 5 special education teachers and NO paraprofessionals). Yet...when budget cuts came...they didn't cut in the business office, they didn't remove idiots from the board of ed., they didn't cut from the ineffective teachers that just don't care anymore or are just not cut out. Instead, they just cut from the new teacher pool (I have been teaching for 6 years)! FRUSTRATION to the highest degree!!!

PrimordialSoupBase3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

While the Wii is being written into the Texas curriculum, Darwinism and historical accuracy are being taken out.

There is something called reality. The Wii is not a substitute for true exercise and the world isn't 4000 years old.

Darkstorn3311d ago

Texas is doing some really scary things with their textbooks. They actually banned references to Thomas Jefferson's deist views, and treat McCarthyism as a viable solution to combating Communism, among other things. It's sick.

DelbertGrady3311d ago

What!? lol! Not even creationism? They teach directly from the bible?

Texas is like its own country it seems. A mini-America where everything is skewed to the right. Especially the scales...

Darkstorn3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

That's a characterization of the entire South - and red states in general. They have higher obesity rates, lower graduation rates, and have more urban sprawl. It's just an ugly part of the continent.

And they're actually not teaching creationism per say, but intelligent design alongside evolution. It's still a travesty, though.

iceman063311d ago

Even worse than that...a lot of the textbooks that the REST of America uses are published in Texas. As an educator of science in Missouri...I have a hard time even trying to teach because of the ignorance (in the true since of the word...meaning lack of overall knowledge) that the students have concerning aspects of evolution theory. I actually had a student try to debunk the entire theory by stating..."I don't believe in evolution or science because I don't believe dinosaurs existed...they didn't mention them in the Bible did they???" An extreme example I know...but an example nonetheless.

Darkstorn3311d ago

Well, it's reaffirming to hear that some teachers, such as yourself, aren't going to take Texas' crap. Keep up the good work.

As for the dinosaurs, don't Christian fundamentalists believe that the devil put dinosaur bones in the ground to 'test our faith?' It just seems like they refute any scientifically backed point just by talking about their 'belief' and 'faith' and whatnot. It's impossible to argue with these people.

iceman063310d ago

I never heard that about the devil and dinosaur bones, but I wouldn't be surprised...not in the least!!! *LOL*

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XxCYONIDExX3312d ago

How about they try oh i don't know...running, dodgeball, baseball, kickball, and all other ball sports.

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