G4TV: Dead or Alive Paradise Review

Unless you're a real creep, playing Dead Or Alive Paradise will make you feel like, well, a real creep, not simply because you're taking randy pictures of PSP-level pixilated babes, but because you spent money on this shallow excuse for a game. Like socks. Or a copy of Wii Sports Resort. The greatest problem facing Paradise is that, in the end, once you cut through the photography and tedious friendship process, the gameplay and entertainment value are as skimpy as the most risqué bikinis on display.

Had the games been better and more bountiful, and the socializing/photography nonsense been left out, maybe this might've been okay. But as is, this is one vacation that'll make you want to get away from it all.

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Ninji3830d ago

It looks like G4 probably would've liked this a whole lot more if it featured only the guys from the DoA series instead.

Omega Zues3830d ago

oh hell ya, this game is awesome. Buying this noa!

The_Beast3830d ago

is there a collectors edition or somthing and going to midnight launch for sure

3820d ago