PlayStation 3 Preorders Go Live at Lik-Sang

Consumers can now "special preorder" the PlayStation 3 console at import game store Lik-Sang.
The PS3: preorder now or forever hold your peace

The pre-order deal, which does not require a deposit and is considered "not binding," is one of the first by a major online retailer. Mainstream shops like EBGames and GameStop are not currently taking pre-orders.

Because it's more of a "pre-preorder," the Lik-Sang PS3 pre-order contains several noteworthy conditions, including:

* Your pre-order is not binding and you can cancel at any time. All "special preorders" are limited to one per person

* Unit price, features, and release date are not confirmed and can change at any time

* The product is listed with a dummy price -- your credit card is not charged

* You will be offered choice between European, US or Japanese; if multiple colors or accessories are offered, this too will be an option

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bernie5399d ago

Couldn't care less about Sony's thing, but I hope they offer the same deal for Nintendo's brilliant Wii console!

kingboy5399d ago

got no time for kiddy stuff

bernie5399d ago

It's Nintendo Wii & Xbox360 all the way, Sony's new playstation is a waste of time, maybe they'll know what their doing on the PS4!

Silent5398d ago

If you are gonna spend money spend on something that is worth it like PS3. Remember the saying you get what you pay for. Cheap dollars for cheap consoles.

The Snake5398d ago (Edited 5398d ago )

...'cause it ain't out yet. The XBOX 360 is current gen now and the best by far.

HyperBear5398d ago

Cant wait till PS3 pre-orders happen over here, when you can do it over the counter at EB or Gamestop, then you know your gonna get it, and it comes from certified Gaming stores. I hope sometime in the next month or so, they should start taking pre-orders.

Brooklynite5398d ago

i cant wait im like 100 dollars away from havin the amount of money for a ps3 plus tax.