'Zenonia 2' Released onto the App Store

No Dpad:

The first Zenonia was all about saving the kingdom using one character named Regret, and he eventually sealed up a demon towards the end of the game. But years went by, and the seals were starting to wear off. Four people are then selected to find the gems that will ultimately strengthen them and the seals, and the story doesn't sound too far away from the early Final Fantasies and Vay.

It was maybe one year ago that Zenonia was released, one of the most hyped up RPGs to ever enter the fray. Of course, back then was the time when RPGs were nearly non-existent in the early stages of the App Store, and people were bloodthirsty for a solid-looking game. Of course, the people over at Gamevil were smart enough to see this need and fill it, executing and bringing one of the best RPGs at the time.

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