New Left4Dead Gameplay Footage on PCGamer

PC Gamer has posted a 10 minute video podcast with the best look at Left 4 Dead so far. The podcast shows an entire playthrough from the perspective of four doomed survivors, including every boss zombie: plenty of views of the Hunter, including a pounce kill (at 7:38), the Smoker, a few great pukes from the Boomer, the Tank (smashing two Survivors across a room at 6:40), and also even the Witch killing two Survivors in a split second with one shot (you can see the Survivors walking right by her at 5:08, then watch the health bars at 5:12 when two people suddenly die).

"Zombies, undead, infected… call em' what you want… they just want to eat your brains! Left 4 Dead is your new favorite game, you just don't know it yet. At PC Gamer's recent Showdown LAN, The Turtle Rock Studios/Valve crew were on hand to demo this amazing survival-horror-multiplayer-intensely-co-op masterpiece. See what happens (it ain't pretty) when the PC Gamer gang tries to survive the zombie apocalypse…again."

(Credit Jenga, neogaf.)

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Rhezin4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

Thats the tightest vid I've ever seen. I've been waiting to long to play in 28 days later, and this is it! DEFINITE BUY

I hope PC games stay friendly with the 360, their a good ally against the ps3 and psp, plus PC games rule!

MolotovMan12634308d ago

Agreed. This game looks amazing. The carnage is, as one guy put, insane (or something along those lines). Definitely a buy.

I'm sure it'll be one of the best multiplayer games i've played in some time, if not ever.

sticky doja4307d ago

I hope it is comming to consoles soon.

lockload4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

Left for dead has already been announced for pc and 360