Point and Shoot: Lessons In Wii FPS Control

It wasn't supposed to be like this. In a private room near the Makuhari Messe convention center in 2005, Shigeru Miyamoto guided select groups of journalists through a series of demos to show off the newly-unveiled Wii Remote. One of the most impressive was a port of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes using the remote's IR capabilities to show how the Wii might dramatically reshape the first-person shooter.

The controller promised to make FPS controls more approachable and precise with an interface as simple as literally pointing to aim. The addition of gestural controls suggested a whole new layer of interactive immersion, lending automated actions a sense of weight and approximate physical motion.

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tunaks13312d ago

once you sit and play MP:3, conduit, Red Steel 2, and reflex you will understand why it is much better then dual analog sticks, Mouse and KB are the best controls scheme for FPS, but IR is much better then a gamepad.

EvilTwin3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Going back and playing Corruption, you really see just how far ahead Retro was with their scheme. No, it wasn't fully customizable, but it was so ridiculously SMOOTH.

What seems interesting to me is that, like you said, the remote/nunchuck doesn't one-up KBM, but it really does DA. It's sort of in the middle. But you can do some quasi-ninja action when you max out a fully customizable scheme, while still utilizing a camera lock like in Corruption to do lots of circle strafing like you would in Halo.

You can play to the type of overall design (detailed on page 3 of the article) that has made Halo famous, yet still have some extra precision in your back pocket.

EvilTwin3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

"After a brief demo of SOCOM 4 with Move, ShackNews' Garnett Lee came away with similar complaints to those that have plagued Wii shooters for years. 'The problem remains, though, of it being hard to hold the controller freely in space in front of me and make the many fine movements needed to play a shooter. I've even resorted to resting my forearm on my leg to give it a stable base when playing similar games on the Wii. It's only a partial solution but one that no amount of tech will potentially solve.'"

No, it's a full solution. That's just the way you hold the Wii remote to play FPS. What, do these guys hold their arms out straight with a standard DA gamepad?

Of course not.

Likewise, if you're holding your arm out with the Wii remote like a noob at a demo booth, you're going to suck at playing FPS on the console.

Don't think of the Wii remote as a gun. Think of it as a quasi-mouse; anchor it on your lap/leg/armrest, and move very, very subtly. Why this is so hard for people to figure out is beyond me.

Gr813312d ago

I mean really. I think people have this idea that all Wii's games require Wii fit like interaction. I play the Wii so relaxed, leaning back in a chair, mai tai on the side lol.

na-no-nai3312d ago

its hard for me to play the wii since there quite a few people who always get in my way to play. and when i dont play they dont get in the way. it get so frustrating sometime. but cant wait to play some more games with my wii ^_^ this year with all the good games coming out too many too count