NAVTEQ to Enhance Microsoft 'Flight Simulator X'

Microsoft is using data from NAVTEQ to create much of the world in "Flight Simulator X". NAVTEQ data such as road network information, ferry landings, railroads, detailed water information (e.g. oceans, rivers, lakes, harbors, etc.), parks, golf courses, and recreational areas, enhances the "Flight Simulator X" user experience.

For those unfamiliar with NAVTEQ, look at the copyright on Google Earth, Mapquest, Yahoo Maps or your car navigation system. NAVTEQ is the supplier and foundation of all of these types of products.

Expected to be available this holiday season, "Flight Simulator X" is the culmination of nearly 25 years of the landmark "Flight Simulator" franchise and the most significant addition to date. The 10th edition will immerse players in an amazingly detailed, realistic world and offer a host of new gaming experiences including the addition of dozens of new aircraft and new mission-based gameplay. Additionally, "Flight Simulator X" provides a rich, connected world of online interaction where users can choose who they want to be, from air-traffic controller to pilot or co-pilot, and interact with other aviators from around the globe by chatting in real-time using a headset.

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