Sony: Market Share Is "Not That Important"

With damage control in full effect, the company's European honcho David Reeves is playing it safe. He says Sony's next-gen goal is not conquering the industry. This console war is about growing.

shotty6205d ago

I can't believe he said that. He was probably one of the bunch of sony people that got fired last week

Lionel Hutz6205d ago

This story reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George tries to get fired by doing such things a streaking in a body suit at a Yankees game and driving around with the Conference trophy attached to the bumper of his car while insulting the "front office morons." Seriously, what was he thinking? Why would they be happy with 40%? He must have thought that 15% growth statement was really smart. Here's a statement for your future years Reeves, "Hey buddy, got a quarter?" - Ned Flanders.

FadeToBlack6204d ago

With a price like that the PS3 and the titanic will have alot in common....

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