Sony: Market Share Is "Not That Important"

With damage control in full effect, the company's European honcho David Reeves is playing it safe. He says Sony's next-gen goal is not conquering the industry. This console war is about growing.

shotty6588d ago

I can't believe he said that. He was probably one of the bunch of sony people that got fired last week

Lionel Hutz6588d ago

This story reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George tries to get fired by doing such things a streaking in a body suit at a Yankees game and driving around with the Conference trophy attached to the bumper of his car while insulting the "front office morons." Seriously, what was he thinking? Why would they be happy with 40%? He must have thought that 15% growth statement was really smart. Here's a statement for your future years Reeves, "Hey buddy, got a quarter?" - Ned Flanders.

FadeToBlack6587d ago

With a price like that the PS3 and the titanic will have alot in common....

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Madden NFL 25 New Gameplay Features for PS5, Xbox Series and PC Revealed, Closed Beta Kicks Off

EA has revealed the Madden NFL 25 new gameplay features incoming for the PS5, Xbox Series and PC versions, as the closed beta kicks off today.

GamerRN6h ago

Is there anything they can really do to fix this franchise?

just_looken5h ago

Though i agree the truth is that it always sells well and then millions are made in ultimate team.

GamerRN4h ago

Because there is no competition

just_looken25m ago


There was a CFL game to be tossed out crashed and burned but there is other football games just none are official nfl stuff.


Minecraft's Tricky Trials Update Makes a Good Case for a Village Update

With Minecraft’s June 13 update, new features include a stronger Bad Omen effect and raid rewards, meaning a new village overhaul should come next.

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Why I Can't Get Enough Of Shadow Of The Colossus

The beauty of the Shadow Of The Colossus lies in the vast world with emptiness. Read more to know how this game stand out from other games.

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PRIMORDUS1d 6h ago

Shadow of the Colossus and Ico should be remade in UE5. I know Shadow of the Colossus was in 2018 but I say remake both of them for PS5 and PC.

isarai1d 2h ago

The remake and Blupoints in house engine is more impressive as a whole than anything ive seen from UE5 so far. Id rather they stick to their own engine.

Cacabunga9h ago

SoTC doesn’t need another remake.. last one was awesome


Fine let it be Bluepoints engine. The whole point I was trying to make was I would love them both to be remade for PC since the PC never had them to begin with (I threw in PS5) and now that Sony is bringing over their games it would be awesome.

FinalFantasyFanatic20h ago

I wouldn't mind a PC port even though I own it on PS4, it really doesn't need a remake though.