Chrome un-hackable by Pwn2Own hackers

At the recently held Pwn2Own hacking convention, Google Chrome was the only major browser to stand up to the 3 days of brutal hacking attempts by professionals from across the nation.

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Pimp Named Slickback3308d ago

Good ol' Google. Now that's how you make a browser.


I love Google Chrome! Incognito FTW!

Pimp Named Slickback3308d ago

Agreed. Looking at porn without getting caught has never been easier.

PS360PCROCKS3308d ago

Haha I don't have a fiancee anymore so I don't have to hide it lol

jjacinto233308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

I EVEN LOVE INCOGNITO MORE and I really wish PS3 Uses this as a web-browser

Darkfocus3308d ago

and only holds approximately 8-12%. when it becomes more mainstream people will actually attempt to hack it, as of now no one has any real experience hacking chrome. trust me once it's popular every one in the scene will know how to hack it.

D4RkNIKON3308d ago

Chrome is the best. Some say firefox, but in my opinion you can't go wrong with chrome. The Chrome Extensions are awesome too.

@Pimp Named Slickback
It is actually "A" Pimp named slickback, you have to say the WHOLE thing lol

Kakkoii3307d ago

Ya know guys... Firefox has had an "incognito" mode for ages.. lol.

Tools>Start Private Browsing.

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Ocelot5253308d ago

chrome ftw

it's fast,secure, user friendly and good looking

IE < firefox < opera < chrome

Kakkoii3307d ago

IE < Opera < Firefox/Chrome

TheTwelve3308d ago

...that this is the only browser I use.


thehitman3308d ago

I like it a little more than firefox now idk what happen to FF but it uses a lot of memory now and starts to crash more frequently like IE. Only feature I miss that crome doesnt have is the bar that lets save sites you visit frequently (no not bookmarks).

MegadethAndy3308d ago

Chrome does have that, i use it all the time.

Hakimy3308d ago

I've been using it since it was first announced as a beta and it keeps getting better.but opera is getting better as well.its funny that ff,opera and chrome keeps on getting better while comment ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.