Modern Warfare 2 Charity Raises Unemployment Awareness By Handing Out Games

"To celebrate today's release of Modern Warfare 2's new Stimulus map pack, publisher Activision delivered copies of the game to more than 300 U.S. Navy ships, submarines and recreational facilities around the world."

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Forbidden_Darkness3306d ago

Like someone said on Kotaku:

"180,000$ donation OR incredibly low costing advertisement campaign to continue to bring in awareness?

You decide."

Activision is giving away free copies of a glitchy/problematic game to soldiers even after they just got done serving in iraq and sure the hell dont want to play a shooter after all they have been through im sure... But thats activision for you

Crowsnevermore3306d ago

lol gotta admit its really odd. my wife is in the air force and doesnt understand how ex soldiers can be into the game so much. she also laughs at the people who think its that easy in combat

Vip3r3305d ago

Good going Activison, lets give all the vets a game to spark of and increase their PTSD levels and make them obsessed with a game which will probably distract them from getting a new job at all.

Deceptive marketing ftl.