Is Alan Wake The 360's Heavy Rain?

NG: Alan Wake simply isn't attempting to take on Heavy Rain is any conceivable way and anyone who tells you differently is either lying to you or completely incompetent (or I'm one of those things, I get confused sometimes). Yet every opportunity is being taken to pit these two exclusive titles against one another.

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callahan093309d ago

For god's sake, no, the two games have absolutely NOTHING in common, how did these comparisons ever start?

octalblack3309d ago

Totally agreed. These comparisons are just so stupid. Alan Wake plays entirely differently from Heavy Rain. Just because the two push intense storylines doesn't make them competing products.

Pennywise3309d ago

Congrats to Nowgamer for adding another crap article to N4G.

I can't wait for some gaming news... you know, the reason I come here.

Feckles3309d ago

Didn't Microsoft talk about Alan Wake being its Heavy Rain earlier in the year? Obviously the games are vastly different but the success of Heavy Rain points to a market that is ready for more story-driven and less action-based content.

SuicidalTendencies3309d ago

No because Alan Wake actually has........wait for it........wait for it.........gameplay.

Pennywise3309d ago

SuicidalTendencies, you said it right: wait for it........wait for it.........wait for it........wait for it.........

Syronicus3309d ago

No, I was thinking more of the Xbox 360's exclusive version of Alone in the Dark. With better graphics of course.

Montrealien3309d ago

yeah, this is just wrong.

Alan Wake is the Xbox`s Alan Wake and Heavy Rain is the PS3`s Heavy rain. That is all.

Blaze9293309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

should be comparing this to Alone in the Dark, not Heavy Rain.

@SuicidalTendencies & @Pennywise - lmao


@Murderdolls below, ROFL

creatchee3309d ago

They do share the psychological thriller genre, but Alan Wake goes the supernatural route where Heavy Rain is more humanistic. Other than that, I agree - they don't really have much in common at all.

AliTheBrit193309d ago

Websites make them up to get hits from fanboys of both sides.

-MD-3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

You.. as a PS3 fanboy are making fun of a 360 fan for waiting? Oh my god the irony is overwhelming.

How is Gran Turismo 5 coming along?

Kratos Spartan3309d ago

but it makes for good entertainment, to watch the kids argue and bicker back and forth. Can't really find much news on here these days.

beans3309d ago

We should be comparing Indigo on 360 to Heavy Rain PS3. There's nothing like Alan Wake on PS3 as of yet.

solideagle13309d ago

NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa.


Redrum0593309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

overly hyped only to fall hard to the ground.

mikeslemonade3309d ago

Alan Wake is just another Too Human. Has been in development forever and right now is overhyped. Some parts of the game don't look better than GTA4 and that's pretty bad.

pixelsword3309d ago

Alan Wake was announced the same year as Kilzone 2, GT5 was announced about, if not at least, two years later.

Alan Wake is surely coming out, but it's been the longest game in development that was announced this gen.

Cueil3309d ago

perhaps read it first then post a comment? Although I'm just as guilty of doing that so I suppose I shouldn't say to much

mastiffchild3309d ago

OH, murderdolls. Isn't it a fair enough gripe about AW? Considering some of my PC only mates have waited this long for a game they were denied at the last moment makes this the ultimate waiting game to pick on this generation. Regardless of how long PD are taking over GT5 or GG took over KZ2 there's always been games on the 360 that made us wait a long time too. AW was touted to us as a launch title(or, at least, I remember seeing the trailers pre 360 launch as it was one of the games I invested in my first one to play!), Too Human was in development for an aeon too! Aren't we just at the stage where any game with outlandishly long cycles ripe for mocking whatever platform they're being made for?

Certainly, to me, PD's perfectionism is just as fair to mock as AW and Remedy for their long winded development of Alan Wake, no? Also, if you were/are a PC gamer that wait must feel a bit of a mickey take right about now esp when you saw YOUR version being used to promote it for four out of these five long years!

Anyways, Nowgamer's at it again! This particular comparison isn't even on in the atmosphere stakes with one game being, basically, a whodunnit and the other a psych-thriller with survival horror leanings. HR is also a lot less linear by design than AW and all that's before you consider the wildly differing game play mechanics f the two. Seriously, the only real overlap is that they both claim to be good graphical showcases for their respective platforms and that, is about it.

Honestly, does ANYONE believe these games are, in any way, close enough for any kind of comparison? And ,honestly murderdolls, I think knocking AW for making us wait is every bit, if not more considering the situation I outlined, as GT5 or any of the other tardy games we've waited for this generation across the platforms.

Pennywise3309d ago

1.11 - @Pennywise
You.. as a PS3 fanboy are making fun of a 360 fan for waiting? Oh my god the irony is overwhelming.

How is Gran Turismo 5 coming along?

^^Murderdolls, nice try at a dig from you, but maybe your false idol(360) could learn a little about waiting(dvd,rrod). If waiting assures quality, which it mainly does... I welcome it.

Redrum0593309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

heres the difference between waiting a long time for gt5 and aw, GT5 will be filled with content and quality and over 1000 realistic cars as all this can fit in 1 bluray disc. Alan wake can take ten years to dev for all i care, its still a single player game with 4 hour playtime squeezed into i dvd. we all know how dvds do with single player campaigns and with that level of graphics, you know there isnt much room left in the disk for much gameplay... unless they use lots and lots of backtracking or very very slow walking/running mechanics for long play time.

Syronicus3309d ago

It's Alan in the Dark. Amiright?

-MD-3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

"If waiting assures quality, which it mainly does... I welcome it."

So then that means Alan Wake will be quality right? Or does that only apply to PS3 exclusives?

Also are you really bringing up a dvd drive in this argument? Why not talk about how trash PSN is compared to literally every other platform out there?

@1.19 - Sure jokes about waiting for Alan Wake are warranted but that's not to say jokes about GT5 aren't warranted too. Sony showcases the game every year and we still haven't even touched it.

gaffyh3309d ago

Nope, Alan Wake is a survival horror, which there are a lot of. The only difference is that it is episodic, and because it is exclusive, it has had more effort put into one platform of the game.

On the other hand, there aren't many games like Heavy Rain, in fact the only one that I can think of which even comes close is Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit.

So no @ question.

Pennywise3309d ago

How trash PSN is?? Are you drunk or just in denial?

PSN is FREE. I connect every time I turn my PS3 on... My friends list always has people online. I can see the games they are playing, I can chat with them... I can connect to them when I jump in game to play. I really don't understand wtf you guys are talking about. PSN does not have xgame chat yet. This is not worth the price of admission if you ask me. Oh, and how about I mention that I game nightly in a game that supports 256 players in one room with NO LAG. Hows gears2 running for you?

Greywulf3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Polyphony has released 1 game in that time, created a new engine[taking as long as its taken all gt's to start from scratch], as they have raised the bar for rendering technology which almost looks photoreal. 1000 cars, 16 on track 1080p, 60fps, private racing, dynamic drivers,WRC, Nascar, but yeah.. I see what you mean.

Alan Wakes taken 5 years to show off emotionless characters with no facial expression, rigid animation, sandbox engine removal, and oh yeah.. never before seen flashlight, and bloom. In something they could have just used the frostbite engine for from the looks of it.

Where is all the time going into alan wake? At least with GT you can see they are doing something thats never been done on a console.

kancerkid3309d ago

Again, here we can see fanboys reading the headline of an article and basing their entire comment off the headline. Do 3/4 of the people who even comment on this site even read the articles that are linked to. I really doubt it but it is obvious just how many people are fanboys trolling this site.

Neo6043309d ago

I know cause I play ME2 on pc at 1080p. fire reload pick up ammo.

OhMyGandhi3309d ago

likes others have stated, Heavy Rain and Alan Wake have nothing in common. Meaning marriage is highly unlikely. That's just like

is Mario The Wii's Halo?

BulletToothtony3309d ago

oh that's right.... because controlling a character's direction and making decisions for him/her is not considered gameplay right..

silly fanboys.. they don't know what to come up with anymore.. buy a ps3 and stfu already

badz1493309d ago

"There's nothing like Alan Wake on PS3 as of yet"

there's always Alone in the Dark! from what I've seen of AW, it's hard to distinguish it from the image of Alone in the Dark!

SuicidalTendencies3309d ago


Don't need to buy a PS3 cause I already own one. Don't need to buy Heavy Rain cause I watched(played) it on Youtube.

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BeaArthur3309d ago

I was kind of thinking the same thing. These games are totally different so I don't see how they can be compared. Other than an emphasis on story telling I don't see where they have anything in common.

Dsnyder3309d ago

You can shoot in Heavy Rain at certain times.

Godmars2903309d ago

Don't forget that you can also brush your teeth, shave, and that a crap in HR as well. Not to mention interact with NPCs.

Its going to be interesting to see what level of NPC interaction AW will offer. So far I've just seen is dialog as one of them sits or lays somewhere.

PimpHandHappy3309d ago

im not far in HR and have not shot at anything.... just saying AW is about aiming and shooting... HR is not

DelbertGrady3309d ago

Saying that Alan Wake is about "aiming and shooting" is as generalising as saying Heavy Rain is about quick time events.

Bathyj3309d ago

Yes Soda. And thats exactly what Xboxers have been calling HR from the start. A QTE. Why so surprised such a vauge generalisation has been spat back in your own face now? You know how this thing works.

DelbertGrady3308d ago

Never said I was surprised about it. I'm not. Doesn't hurt pointing out the stupidity in it though.

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Dlacy13g3309d ago

I fell asleep playing Boring Rain. Sure it did some things well, but as a "game" it was boring as heck.

Darkfiber3309d ago

Um, it's a third person shooter that's heavily story driven. If anything it's the 360's Uncharted (though I'll probably enjoy it more)

Pennywise3309d ago




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Montrealien3309d ago

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blasian3309d ago

Laughed So Hard That I Peed My Pants And Now I Have To Go Change My Draws But I Do Not Feel Like Getting Up Right Now So I Will Just Sit In It For Now


Etseix3309d ago


Look im laughin at you for being a moron.

Montrealien,- bubbles+

Pennywise3309d ago

HAHA... bubbles to all the acronyms!

-MD-3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )


LOLOL!!! Laughing Out Loud On-Line


Godmars2903309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

I can only remember getting blasted for criticizing the Harvester scene they showed a month ago for not being dramatic. The thing hitting AW only to back up instead of fully running him down. Fighting off shadow guys until finally shooting - *shooting* - the harvester which disintegrated to nothing.

If the same thing was in an Uncharted game it probably would have ended in a fireball as the harvester was fought bullfighter style and either rammed into fuel tank, gain silo or off a cliff.

QuantumWake3309d ago

Yes, we also felt your pain about the damage animations. Someone on the Alan Wake forums actually created a thread about it. Not to long after that, a Remedy dev actually commented on the situation:

"At the risk of sounding defensive, I have to say that this is pretty much a "welcome to the magical world of video games!" type of a thing. =)

What Tim said about knocking Wake out of the level or getting stuck somewhere is definitely true, but there's another aspect to this. If Wake died instantly when being hit by a combine harvester (as just about anyone would in real life), people would find that extremely annoying. We could definitely have a longer animation cycle there, with Wake getting knocked down and having to get back up again, but it's not quite as simple as that. You would soon come to hate it, and here's why: if the player can't get back to controlling Wake quickly enough, then the harvester can just keep running over him until Wake dies because the player can't get out of the way, since he's stuck twiddling his thumbs while Wake gets back to his feet. That's basically the same thing as killing Wake instantly, except now the player has to spend time watching Wake die without being able to do anything about it, which would be even more annoying. So the damage animation is very short by necessity."


QuantumWake3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )


"But really, I think this is an issue that goes kinda deep into the psyche of video games. Video games just aren't realistic -- they often strive to maintain an illusion of realism, but generally people in them do things no one could actually do in real life. (Which is true of much of fiction in general, of course!) Wake does get hurt in ways that would kill a normal man. This is absolutely true, but there are very few games with action elements in them that don't have the same problem. I mean, if Wake got shot and stabbed a hundred times and fell off several high ledges, but just used some painkillers whenever that happened, no one would have a problem with it, because that's such a traditional way of taking ridiculous amounts of damage... but it really amounts to the same thing. That's just easier to ignore because we're so used to it.

That said, the actual amount of damage Wake seems to take from these hits in the videos may not be representative of the final values. You should bear in mind that the material you've seen this far isn't from the final build, and we do experiment and tinker with that kind of balancing as long as we can to deliver the best possible experience. Small changes -- like adjusting the damage a certain event does -- can have a huge impact on how the game plays."


Godmars2903309d ago

That's just telling me that they probably should have put more effort into making the game more action oriented instead of open world. Which it isn't. Have Wake able to jump to a side, rolling on the ground or to his feet as an everyday man not use to doing such things but having little choice.

I have to ask: does the Wake even have a sprint?

bjornbear3309d ago


it stands for.........

don't make sarcastic lists of that size...its almost spam =/

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Sunny_D3309d ago


TheXgamerLive3309d ago

Actually,Alan Wake is the only real game. With Alan Wake, you actually play the game 100% of the time, you see feel and react to everything the way you want to, you play it like a game is meant to be played.
where as heavy rain is about 90% or more pre rendered cut scene's. You meerly make a choice from those floating above your head and then sit and watch it happen, ZERO actual game play. You can watch this happen with your controller in your lap.

Both look beautiful, but only Alan Wake is an actual game you play. So, NO! Alan Wake isn't trying to be the 360's heavy rain, it's a HELL OF A LOT MORE!!

3309d ago
Corrected3309d ago

Predictable reaction from an upset slave ^