'Breach' game code theft at PAX East ends in arrest

An attempted theft of Atomic Games' Breach code on the PAX East show floor on the last day of the event was thwarted by vigilant members of the studio. According to a representative for the company, the suspected thief managed to download some of the code and then run into the crowd after he was spotted. He was eventually apprehended in the large crowd and the game's code was found on his computer.

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Christopher3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Not the best things to find on someone who is claiming that he didn't steal the code.

Edit: And the genius jumps bail to go play MW2

eggbert3308d ago

Just let the Federal Cybercrime Task force deal with him. Imagine his face when federal agents knock on his door to arrest him for stealing video game code.

Tony P3308d ago

Theft! Hax! Daring escapes! Bail jumping! Conspiracy!

Sheesh. It's a blockbuster.

Although the guy sounds pretty dense telling a room full of industry people he illegally downloaded a game.

Fanb0y3308d ago

Daring. If only if someone would do it for Halo Reach, cause millions are dying to see some of that single-player footage select journalists got to see a few months ago.