MW2 Stimulus Package fixed

Modern Warfare 2's Stimulus Package is now fixed and fully playable thanks to a title update that has just rolled out on Xbox Live.

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LordMarius3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

lol, beta testing bots,

borgome3310d ago

Is that a dude in your avatar?

3310d ago
LordMarius3310d ago

lol, this bot cant tell between a male and a female. typical

blasian3310d ago

u have to excuse him bots dont see very many females

Wrathman3310d ago

lol..from the guys that already knew ricky martin was gay

AliTheBrit193310d ago

^^ You're all utter and complete twits.

And Marius

Are you saying you would rather wait an extra, what is it? MONTH? for content rather than have it not work for the first 2 hours its out?


-MD-3310d ago

Wait 3 hours
Wait a month

Really hard choice!

Corrected3310d ago

Haha slaves don't get multiplatform content for another month. Good thing the company backing the superior console secures content for their fans.

mrv3213310d ago

I don't think Microsoft are backing the 360... it's not like tomorow they can go and back the PS3...

Because obviously what the 360 needs more of is time exclusives and not first party studious providing exclusives.

Last I check a Microsoft first party has to cranck out a game 4 times quicker than a PS3 first party just to keep the same or first party exclusives...It took them 2 years to make Uncharted 2... a 360 developer thus would have to do the same job in 6 months... I don't think any studio could do that and maintain quality.

But then again I have to wait a whole months it's not like I have Heavy Rain, M.A.G and God of War 3 to play untill the.... OH WAIT.

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lucifon3310d ago

Still not fixed :( Maps themselves are okay but the servers have died now. Looks like sales are through the roof then...

BigKev453310d ago

Yeah, I just logged in & it still doesn't work.

StanLee3310d ago

There is no connection to XBox Live servers so there are no games in progress. It's not fixed.

GrieverSoul3310d ago

Man, this is off to a really bad start!
I wonder how many people are trying to get these to work but dont visit game related websites to stay informed and that this is a widespread problem.

ape0073310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

lol, jealousy

if it were an exclusive game on their soul mate console, you r gonna hear

"wow enormous demand, it's very natural to happen, see you all"

and "woooot, gonna go there with millions"

way to go haters..... whatever

3310d ago
3310d ago
HolyOrangeCows3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Now look at it from a perspective of someone not wearing tin foil on their head and without a total lack of grammar/comprehensive writing skills.

It's a $15 map pack (Only 3/5 new maps) and people can't even get it to work. You really have NO problem with ANY of that??

3310d ago
f7897903310d ago

They screwed up on the dlc?

Vip3r3310d ago


Just like at launch. Expect it to be like that for the next week.

aaronisbla3310d ago

How the fvck you gonna get mad cuz people are upset that they weren't able to play these new maps after they bought them? dude you needs to calm that sh!t down. Its not always someone hating on your "precious" game for no reason. If i purchase some DLC, i expect it to work right when i purchase it.

Those who got it and are a little perturbed that its not up and running have every right to be

badz1493309d ago

hohoho...why am I not surprised? is this another 'beta' exclusive to 360 gamers? I feel sorry for those who paid for this and it's not working! but honest question: how many times shall activision screw you in the ass before you ever learn that they are CRAP??

ape0073309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

guys I still haven't played it and i did not talked about the price(which is little bit too much tbh)

but you guys are too picky about IW, you haters are getting mad like hell at each mw2 story, it sounds like IW took your house and killed your family, I don't think IW has done that, I think IW outsold your favorite games and crowned as the most played game on xbox live and psn, that's the REAL reason

that jealousy my friend, deal with it, insult me directly because of a game???

guys like you are ruining n4g, that's why the number of visitors and users are very low considering how much time this site has been around

this site has too much BS going on lately, bloggers, crappy articles, flamewars, rude comments, total ignorance, anti logic articles, kotako, the number of quality material has been decreased

this network just became the @sshole of videogames

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Xander7563310d ago

This the author of this article even bother to test it out before claiming it was fixed based off Major Nelson's tweets? Major Nelson did say it was fixed but it isn't. I tested it moments ago and it's still down.

BubbleSystemSuck3310d ago

Infinity Ward= The Epic Fail in this Generation...

2nd Place: HD-DVD
3rd Place: PsPgo


na, I think it's the people ( even after all this happening right now ) still trying to stand up for them, they are the real epic fails and the reason gaming is going down this road...

Pennywise3310d ago

I am shocked at the amount of people that will buy this.

gamingisnotacrime3310d ago

I can understand the gamers who buy this overpriced DLC because they spend so many hours playing MW2, that $15 for more fun with your friends is not much. Really $15 is affordable i think by any gamer, what i find surprising is how Activision treats the MW2 fans, like b*tches. I would like to get MW2, but then i see this overpriced crap, then the many bugs aqnd the rumors of future fees for CoD series and i just cant take it. MW2 lovers are being poorly served, but if they are ok with it then this DLC will sell Millions

borgome3310d ago

Believe it or not, there are several people out there that have good jobs and arenn't cheap like most of the tards on this website.

Excalibur3310d ago

There are People that truly appreciate the value of a hard earned dollar ;)

I have a very good job and make pretty decent cashola, I could easily afford the cost of that DLC a half a dozen times over BUT that's not the point.

To put it into a very simple analogy that must Un-cheap idiots can understand, $5.00 for a half eaten bag of M&M's is not a good deal.
See it's half eaten because your only getting 3 new maps and 2 rehashed ones...get it?

quickman3310d ago

dude... people buy weirder things on ebay every single day...

DARK WITNESS3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

this is not just about it being cheap or people not being able to afford it. no matter how little or how much it costs it still comes down to value for money.

if you think it's good value for money then good on you, others don't. do i have 1200 points, yes. would I rather spend them on a full live arcade game or a clasic xbox game or on 3 new maps and 2 old maps I still have on cod4 ? which sounds like it would better value.

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