Tons of The Conduit 2 details

A ton of new details of The Conduit 2 have been released. The developers are improving AI, "wow moments" and much more.

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Valay3310d ago

Sounds a lot better than the first game. And it honestly seems like the developers have taken a lot of the criticism to heart and want to improve on a bunch of things.

solideagle13310d ago

HardCore game on wii damn. :P



The list looks great and a lot of the things I couldn't care less that they were adding but since they are, great! I was just hoping for BETTER environmental design and a BETTER art direction. The tech is already there...

N4g_null3309d ago

One problem no where did they say motion plus is going to be used. After red steel2 and other games coming the pointer control is going to feel smoother than not using motion plus. Also speed the game up we want faster walking speed.

every thing else sounds good till i see the art and game play.

They may get it right this time. They really made others fix their controls now they need to give FPS players a reason to buy this game. We have realistic combat not what can HVS bring to the party.

Ziriux3310d ago

This is good news, cannot wait for the game to come out.

rumplstilts3310d ago

I think they changed the grinder into a top down game to save development costs and to focus on the conduit 2.

ChickeyCantor3310d ago

On the 360, yes.
They knew they couldnt compete with all the other shooters.

EvilTwin3310d ago

Atlantis? Well, I guess if you're gonna try to rip off from a game, you might as well rip off from a great one (and it doesn't get much better than Bioshock).

New screen caps, too:

The second and fifth one show some improved level architecture. I refuse to get too hyped (based on the track record for HVS), but that doesn't mean I'm not hoping that this game delivers...

Gr813310d ago

Impressive screens, impressive lists, but won't get hyped. Though I am cautiously and apprehensively optimistic. But HVS has yet to show they are anything but a mediocre (at best) company atm.

ChickeyCantor3310d ago

After seeing what RedSteel 2 has to offer( i know its made by Ubi and not HVS), Im hyped for this game.
They cant go bad this time around. And those screenshot look delicious.

The info given out sounds so much more awesome than the original.

(i will not say the first one was good neither bad, i did enjoy it, but thats about it)

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The story is too old to be commented.