BeHardware - Giant roundup: 146 Intel and AMD processors - Review

BeHardware: "Dealing with current news means that we rarely have the opportunity to review old products and of course a comparison between the most recent products and those that came out several years ago can get a little problematic. But we've decided to push the boat out and take as exhaustive a look as possible at the Intel and AMD processor offer spanning the last five years.

To be included in the report, processors had to fulfil several criteria, the first being (we had to limit things somewhere) that they're all dual core. Secondly, as our most recent test protocol is 64-bit, the processors had to be capable of functioning in this mode, which excluded the old Core Duo using Mobile architecture.

After weeks of benchmarking, we can now give you 1752 results across the 12 applications in our test protocol with no less than 146 processors!"

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