Wii Upscaler Review: Can The Wii Really Do High Definition?

When we first heard about VDIGI's new VD-W3 Wii upscaler, a product that promised it could bring high definition graphics to the Wii, it sounded too good to be true. "Better review it, then" we thought. Just to be sure.

The VD-W3 is hardly a new idea - standalone "upscalers" have been around for years, primarily for DVD players - but it is the first we've seen solely dedicated to the Nintendo Wii. It works in much the same way an expensive TV, DVD player (or even HD console) does when trying to display standard definition content on a high definition TV set, by attempting to smooth out lines and present a cleaner image than the raw, SD feed could manage.

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St03306d ago

Dolphin emulator and a high powered PC is the only decent way to play Wii games in HD

champ213304d ago

haha i was about say just that.

My brother owns a Wii thus will be buying MarioGalaxy 2 and the upcoming Zelda. Ill be playing them on the PC instead. Dont have room for keeping extra hardware on my PC desk, with 3 monitors laying around in eyefinity lol.

J8M7G3304d ago

Like sprinkling glitter on dog sh*t.

Syronicus3304d ago

I am sure we all know what you get when you try and polish a dog turd.

nikola9873304d ago

Only decent way to play Wii games are on Wii. Emulators on PC are to buggy and slow,and in-game audio is poorly emulated :(

St0n3d Bluntman3304d ago

You can also use a AV receiver that will upscale standard def to 1080p. I recommend a Denon or Onkyo receiver for the best bang for the buck

darthv723304d ago

I know it can be made. Madcatz made a 360 to hdmi adapter for those with non hdmi units. Using the real A/V port on the 360. I am sure there would be an adapter that can use the A/V port on the wii and upscale via hdmi. The a/v port supports component and et they can build analog to digital converters that could fit in that port instead of using a USB method.

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iforgotmylogin3306d ago

its a start. but it just does not compare to dolphin hd.

ThatArtGuy3304d ago

It's good to know that this $75 item doesn't upscale anything (it's main selling point). It's good that it would fix the "washed out" look that I get from turning on the Wii though.

robep33304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Is the answer my kids play the Wii through the upscaler on my YAMAHA
AV AMP into my HD Projector on to our 92" screen it looks soft and the upscaler on my amp will be better than that gizmo.

DethWish3304d ago

Upscaling isn't HD lol.

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