Memo shows $20 gap in Xbox 360 and PS3 Rock Band guitar

Nailing down a Rock Band peripheral price has been almost as difficult as explaining how Keith Richards is still alive. An employee of Game Crazy sent Joystiq a printout of the pricing list which they received on July 3. The only thing that really jumps out is the Xbox 360 guitar price being $20 more than the PS3 (more on this in a second). Much of the information is still in line with the GameStop pricing reported months ago. Officially a Harmonix representative says, "We have not released any pricing details regarding Rock Band as of yet, but stay tuned."

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kspraydad4305d ago

$20 per unit seems a little steep to license the wireless from MS.

ALI G4305d ago

and i think this news will never be confirmed

MK_Red4305d ago

$20 difference may have something to do with MS's strategy with 3rd part items. (Remember the Guitar Hero 2 story). But who knows, it may be a simple typo.

Caxtus7504305d ago

isnt this old news? Im sure we have seen a rumoured price list...even if this is a little more reliable, it still confirms what we already knew and yes $20 does seem steep. Agreed #1 and yes, the price difference i think is down to the licenceing of the technology whereas PS3 uses basic bluetooth.

weekapaugh4305d ago

MS has to pay for those millions of defective consoles somehow.

Salvadore4305d ago

The cost will come through Xbox Live, console sold, games sold and extra accessories brought.

dodgefate4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

bill gates is taking the hit from all the defective xboxs, not adding $20 more to a game.

Thats why he is no longer richest man in the world.

razer4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Don't ever take a break do you??

Do us all a favor and throw your computer out of the window and break your keyboard into tiny pieces K? While your at it throw Dodgefate out with it.

I understand you are hurt because you've sold your soul to Sony and you are suckin hind tit! But please enough already...

And don't try and say you are just joking around because I think we've heard enough of this today to lose any sense of humor over it.

On Topic: this price is a rumor and Harmonix hasn't announced anything.

EDIT: I see the original comment got 4 agrees. That just shows the level of childish behavior here and how people will agree with anything as long as it's Anti-whatever console they don't support is Lame.

UrbanJabroni4305d ago

Thanks for that totally original comment about defective 360s. It really isn't getting old at all!

(Welcome to ignore)

ALI G4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Officially a Harmonix representative says, "We have not released any pricing details regarding Rock Band as of yet, but stay tuned."

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XbugPosse4305d ago

And the almighty Billyboy strikes back. When will you droids understand than Billyboy rapes your asses real good? Tripple the price of a HDD anyone? On knees xbugs, on your knees, Billyboy is coming to feed ya haha

sak5004305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

So your Ken daddy after ramming you fonybois in the a$$, left you in a lurch with next gen version of atari jaguar.

razer4305d ago

What did you run out of Blu-ray movies to watch idiot?

Like I said before just because you are DEAD LAST this gen you don't have to make those stupid and offensive comments. Are you really as stupid in real life as you appear to be on this forum?

Oh, I get it.. Your only what 15yo or something?

UrbanJabroni4305d ago

Thanks for the classiest use of language yet seen in a N4G forum post.


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The story is too old to be commented.