Itagaki to Appear Exclusively at Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

GFB writes: "While everyone has been wondering what the next game from Itagaki Tomonobu and his new Valhalla Game Studios will be, another big question has been whether or not the game in question will follow in the foot steps of Itagaki's past titles and be exclusive to a Microsoft console. We may have our answer."

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qface645192d ago

what's the point of the exclusively part?
like anyone is surprised by this?

TOO PAWNED5192d ago

i couldn't care less for any game of his to be honest, that said, good luck with selling 5 million on single platform, as he mentioned was his goal, let alone Japanese game.

siyrobbo5192d ago

if ive learnt anything from microsoft its this

ringo star - paul mcartney at MS E3 exclusively - multi-plat rock band the beatles

Hideo kojima at microsoft E3 - multi plat mgs rising

modern warfare 2 at microsoft E3 - multiplat game

fallout 3 at microsoft E3 - multi plat game

splinter cell conviction at microsoft E3 - multiplat game

left 4 dead 2 at microsoft E3 - multi plat game

tony hawk at microsoft E3 - multi plat (crap) game

microsoft have a habit of 'exclusively' marketing non exclusive games

Not saying that itagaki's game wont be exclusive, but him being at MS's press conference doesnt mean a damn thing

dabri55192d ago

5 Mil is a lot however if we are just talking over lifespan of the game, he may have something up his sleeve. I doubt anyone would make a lofty claim like that without something clever going on. I think, even if he doesn't meet that goal, his announcement will be worth listening to.

Blaze9295192d ago (Edited 5192d ago )

sweet - the guy makes awesome games. Can't wait to see the project(s) he's working on with some of his former Team Ninja employees.

k jules5192d ago (Edited 5192d ago )

Your logic fails. You call L4D2 and SCC multiplat when they are showed at a Microsoft conference? Where can I get that game besides the MS platforms? Sony showed PSP and PS3 games, that is logical, considering they own both platforms. But when MS show games that are on both THEIR platforms, they don't belong there?

You can call them multiplat in a PS3 vs 360 vs PC discussion, but not in a MS vs Sony (which this is, concidering there was never a Games for Windows press conference @ E3).

Bereaver5192d ago

multiplat means multiple platforms

It has, in no way, any affiliation with Microsoft or Sony.

What he was trying to state was that all those announcements, were available on different platforms, so even though it sais that he will exclusively show it in Microsoft's show, doesn't mean that the game will be exclusive to the 360 and maybe not even the 360 and PC.

k jules5192d ago

I get that part, but saying SCC and L4D2 are out of place at a Microsoft conference (which he does) just doesn't make any sense. I refer to my PSP/PS3 @ Sony conference, Sony owns different platforms, they show games for both. Microsoft did the same with L4D2 and SCC. And Sony had also enough multiplats in the conference, like FFXIV and ACII.

But let this be the end of it, otherwise we're gonna get another 'who won E309' discussion ;).

leeger5192d ago

Hey you know what I just saw L4D2 running on a Sony Viao with windows 7 as the OS, omg L4D2 is a sony and MS exclusive joint project!
and btw Steam is coming to Mac.

Christopher5192d ago

I'm fairly ambivalent about the situation. His games for me are okay, just not good enough to care if they're only available on only one platform. For me, games like Mass Effect 1 & 2 and Uncharted deserve to be multiplatform because they're that good and everyone should enjoy them. When I think NG or DMC, I really don't care that much because, IMHO, they're not on the same level.

sikbeta5192d ago

WOW...Really? Is not a Surprise, it would be a Real Surprise if he Appear in the SONY Conference, don't you think?

OmegaSlayer5192d ago

Again, delusional 360 fanboys...

"Project Outline

Valhalla Game Studios is currently developing a big project for high definition game consoles.
We are looking for those who want to show their abilities to the world, those who want to grab a success and a victory as a professional, those who want to engrave their names in the history of video game industry and those who fight a battle together. We will welcome powerful people.


Communication ability to deliver your will and intentions clearly and quickly.
Experience in HD console game development.
Residents in Japan who can communicate in Japanese.
Age over 18"

"High definition game consoles" with an "s" as plural.

You can find this piece of news here,
on Valhalla Game Studios Official Page.

So Itagaki can be whatever he wants and release his games even elsewhere for everyone's joy
I hope he will just make a kick ass game for both consoles

Thanks for watching

Anon19745192d ago

Now appearing at a Microsoft E3 press conference near you!

Seriously, who's the big brain that decided this train wreck of a human being be a spokesman at E3. Probably the same guy who thought Jane Lynch would be the perfect pitch person for the 360. Did anyone see those commercials? Those splattered and ran down the wall onto your carpet.

Method5192d ago

k jules is just yet another ignorant 360 fanboy. Don't worry, ignorance can be cured.

The argument of "I don't have a PC, so it's 360 exclusive" is downright retarded.

That's like saying I don't have a Xbox and PC so MW2 is PS3 exclusive. It's just plain stupid.

Microsoft makes no profits off of games on their operating system. It's an OPEN PLATFORM.

That's like saying console run only on electricity is exclusive to the electric company. Therefore, all games are [Electric company] exclusive.


Rock Bottom5192d ago

You can get those games on any Sony, Toshiba, IBM, HP, etc... Computers. It's not MS exclusive.

Greywulf5192d ago (Edited 5192d ago )

Microsoft doesn't make any platform besides the 360 If I install windows on a PS3, it would be a microsoft platform?Just like if you dual booted a mac to run windows, Thats not a microsoft platform.

Microsoft doesn't make any money off of PC computer sales or Games sales that run on their operating system. You need SDK kits, and you buy that, but thats not the same thing as having a platform. By your logic microsoft has some part in:


Any software that runs on it, gaming is no different. Microsoft certification is just paying money to make your game meet Live requirements, thats all.

Calling the personal computer a Microsoft platform is just an excuse to use when you realize all of the 360's games aren't exclusive by the definition of the word. So this magical explanation is made.

Jamegohanssj55192d ago

No PS3 love. He's one of my favourites, but Imma cry now : v (.


Megaton5192d ago (Edited 5192d ago )

Seriously, this guy hates Sony more than most of the 360 fanboys here. No surprise. Nice to know the king of bad camera angles and big sloppy pixeltits is back in action...


vhero5191d ago

Who cares now he no longer owns any of the team ninja IP's he really is meaningless. Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden is where its at and he has nothing to do with them anymore.

Syronicus5191d ago

Thank god. One thing I like about Sony press conferences is that they are very professional and to have this douche at it would only sour the professionalism. MS can keep him. Maybe they can sit him next to a fellow blow-heart, Aaron Greenburg.

5191d ago
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vgn245192d ago

Does the guy bleed green too!?! He even picks a marketing company ran by former Xbox employees? Come on Itagaki. You won't sell 4 million units (like he said he plans to) being exclusive to one platform.

Foxgod5192d ago (Edited 5192d ago )

If it will be as awesome and good looking as gears, then it will.
Remember, these guys made Dead or alive 4, and that game is still the best looking fighting game to date.
And its 4 years old, imagine what they can do now.

qface645192d ago

wait what dead or alive the best looking fighting game to date?

you joking right?

Foxgod5192d ago

Yes it is, soul calibur and tekken dont hold a candle to it in terms of gfx.