Possible end to iPhone exclusivity.

Info about the impact of the iPhone and news about the iPhone finally leaving the Death Grip AT&T has had on it for the past 2 years. Still potentially an unconfirmed rumor but it has my hopes up.

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Speed-Racer3311d ago

I wish this were true.... *Crosses fingers*

darthv723310d ago

what is worse than having to be tied to att is the fact you MUST purchase a data plan as well. I call BS on that because the unit has wifi and if I want to surf the web or go to the app store I can do that from hot spots or my own home.

It is a fricin rip off to pay what att wants for the data plan. I should be able to buy the phone and use it as a phone with my existing voice plan. All data stuff I can do through other means. Hopefully other companies will offer either an all inclusive deal for less than att or give the option to just get the phone plan.

Myst3311d ago

I suppose if this were to come to pass the next question would be. Would people go for it over the Sprint Evo, or perhaps the Android phones on the market at this moment?

Then again whether or not the specifications on the two new phones would be the same as the launch model seems to be up the air.

Valcore013310d ago

Would be the EVO 4g the stats and capabilities on that phone are amazing. Plus it will be more cost effective because sprint has the better pricing plans.

TheIneffableBob3311d ago

LTE iPhone 4G for Verizon in late 2010/early 2011 is my guess.

I'm going Android, though. Can't wait for the HTC Incredible on Verizon!

electricshadow3311d ago

Up here in Canada, the 1st generation iPhone and the iPhone 3G was exclusive to Rogers. Now, you can get the 3G and the 3GS on Rogers, Telus, Bell and Virgin Mobile. Hopefully ATT&T loses exclusivity.

thrust3310d ago

good things more people getting the iphone which lets face it the iphone is the best and greatest phone out right now all other phone are trying to be like it.

any1 who gets andriod over an iphone has a screw lose or they bit there nose off just to be different.

Valcore013310d ago

I agree more with this guy: http://portability.wordpres...

iPhone was great but android phones seem to do more.

thrust3310d ago

i have an iphone and have played with andriods, i do not agree.

i will be getting the next iphone aswell, it's the future really is one amazing bit of kit.

spend money on a android you will only be missing out :/

i predict iphones going bigger and bigger and soon almost everyone will have a form of iphone i.e, like iphone nano's and so on there will be a range in the future.

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