Capcom key giveaway for Lost Planet 2 Demo starts Now

AOTF: We recently signed up for the early access demo for the Lost Planet 2 Demo over at <link>. There seemed to be a few technical problems depending on which browser you are trying to sign up with. Either that or there is an alarming amount of people trying access their servers for a key. They are giving away keys for both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, so head on over to the all new Lost Planet community site and get Engaged. The beta key will not be active until 3.31.10 but there is a warning that not everyone will get a key, so what are you waiting for go!

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math3308d ago

I'm on my third one Im gonna keep getting as long as they let me.

specialguest3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Check out the Japanese Playstation store. I have been playing the demo for a while now. The demo features single player and multiplayer. Graphics are pretty impressive in it's own unique way.

The Demo is in English.

kenlawson3308d ago

Is site down won't load. WTF!

eemoemo523308d ago

Try using internet explorer I tried with chrome and wouldnt work.

math3308d ago

Yes thats exactly it. I think the site is having issues with a specific browser I tried Chrome as well and it wouldn't go. Then it sent the key to my junk email folder and I couldnt find it there either.

kenlawson3308d ago

IE worked. Thanks. Looking forward to this.

poe3308d ago

That site is a clusterf!ck to get registered on. But I got one.

CommonCent3308d ago

Yeah I'm not sure how much longer these are going to be available, I just got one.

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The story is too old to be commented.