Top 10 Songs To Listen To While Fragging

Frag Crunch writes: To fully immerse yourself in a game and get the full benefit of the story, it is best to play listening to songs that get you in the mood of eliminating your enemies. As games have increasingly added background tracks as a feature you may want to look at ways to improve your fragging experience. In this article I give you a look at my top ten songs to listen to while fragging. Remember these are my personal picks.

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Fullish3311d ago

Far too much rap, get some real music.

gfrag3311d ago

Remember these are my personal picks.

thereapersson3311d ago

There is just too much talentless mainstream stuff these days...

Corepred43311d ago

real music? rap is excellent music, like he said most of the mainstream music is crap nowadays. but there still are good songs. i miss old hiphop though, not oldies but just music from when the artists first started out.
listen to that and tell me, it doesn't make you either want to party or frag, lol.

my personal favorite song to listen as of lately is chamillionaire's- good morning!

sid4gamerfreak3311d ago

noo, these all r rap songs. Thtas the worst breed of songs...

@Stone-The-Crow - Thats more like it...

execution173311d ago

nothings more awesome then teh METAL!!1!

i can probably even provide a better top 10 bluegrass songs to frag to lol

Akagi3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Far too much mainstream rap*.

Let's not be ignorant of the underground scene.

dalibor3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

I personally like Know Your Enemy by Rage Against the Machine. That song gets me pumped up. Here check it out
As for hip hop I listen to Gang Starr Moment of Truth. Here check it out
And for some techno/trance check this song out
I like variety of genres for music just like games.
Also wanted to add that Goldeneye for the N64 has some good tunes also. Here are a couple &

Tempist3311d ago

Pah! This is the trashiest 'top 10' music list I've come across. If it's yours title the article "MY top 10 songs to listen to while fraggin".

Well since it's all rappin' and hip hop, I bet you killer gangster mo-fo. I bet you go 8-20 on a good day.

I'm also 100% sure everything after the top 10 is country / blue grass. Go back to listening to Billy Ray and Hanna Montanna.

cyborg69713311d ago

I don't mind hip hop as long as it's older like PE b-boys Curtis blow nwa. I don't mind some of todays stuff but there seems to be more of a focus on how fast you can rap instead of the beats. The beats are where it's at. I'm interested to hear dr. Dre's new stuff but most of it can go the way of the dinosaur as far as I'm concerned. I like to listen to radiohead they seem to put me in a killtrance like state where I seem to know what's gonna happen before it does. Also some elliot smith, beck, allmighty senators, rage, mettalica(anything before the black album) nwa, faith no more. Just to name a few.

creatchee3311d ago

After seeing the Sandy Ravage Booster Justice videos, I'm going to have to say Metallica is way up there for fragging.

There is a place for all genres when it comes to playing games with your own soundtrack. For example, I had some rap going during my Infamous playthroughs, classical during driving games (try it - it's awesome for open road racing), and of course, metal for FPS.

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Elven63311d ago

Can't listen to "external" music when gaming anymore, I used to last generation since a few Xbox games had it implemented pretty well. Now it's largely just playing your music over the entire game.

Aphe3311d ago

Yeah I agree, it's just off-putting. When you can mix your game with your own music it's great though, for example in the GTA games. I spent a lot of time making playlists in San Andreas, driving along the countryside while listening to some Pink Floyd was fantastic.

Major Kanimo3311d ago

have u ever been in a game of rush on bfbc2 with ur fav song blasting?!?!?! it makes the game more intense

egm_hiphopgamer3311d ago

That's a gangsta list homey now you need a HipHopGamer Song up there lol

mrv3213311d ago

Rise of Valkyries while in a tank on BC2 charging into the enemy base.

I personally find classic music to be the most physcotic. On Burnout my music got mixed up with the game music and I was listening to classic while travelling at 150MPH and it felt like 30MPH... and it just sounds cool.

Trust me a guy running to you listening to rap on MW2 would not be scary, but a guy walking to you slowly listening to classical on MW2 would be a lot scarier because you just don't know what he's upto.

OrganicMachine3311d ago

why pass this as news? this sh!t needs to be on Facebook or something..

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