Top 5 Opening Game Cinematics

Koku Writes: "Opening cinematics are a great way to really set the pace, tone, and background of a game. No doubt somewhere in our gaming history we have all had a cinematic that has been etched into our minds, never to be forgotten. In my 11 years as fairly solid gamer I have experienced a fair share of these, and coming up with 5 was quite difficult to do. However, it must be said that these selections are without doubt some of the most remarkable."

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Fullish3312d ago

No Heart of Darkness!?

WhatARump3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Not a bad list and those openings were really good
but far from the top 5... considering it's opinion, to each his own ^^
Haven't played hearts of darkness but,
I really liked Kingdom Heart's opening cg with Simple and Clean
(ima look up hearts of darkness ^^)

"War has changed..." <--- Pure win right there! Anything with David Hayter speaking as Snake sounds badass.
Same with MGS3, "In the beginning of the cold war..."

I remember me and my friend spent hours trying to say it like him xD

Dark Cloud 2 also had a kickass opening, loved that game

JoySticksFTW3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

followed by MGS4

"War has changed..."

Ahhh Epicness :)


Man, what can top dueling Gun-blades?!

That's right... Not a whole lot

Redrum0593312d ago

dude, you are right about that.
"war has changed..."
"in the begginig of the cold war.."
his voice and lines will never get old, lol. epic

mimicing his voice was something everyone has done. :)

ryano232773312d ago

MGS4 - Best opening & Best Closing.

Fallout 3 I thought was done quite well.
inFamous & Batman were 2 others I liked.

WengYong3312d ago

To come up with just 5 is hard, but I think its a good list anyway. So may games come to mind but this is the authors picks, and yeah Soul Reaver is bad ass

JBaby3433311d ago

That would definitely make my top 5. Should be on the list.

Immortal3213311d ago

sympathy for the 360? cinematic gaming is my type of game genre, and I know Geow2 is nowhere near cinematic.

bacrec13311d ago

Wow man that was a really good call I used to love that game.

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Ziriux3312d ago

I have to admit Metal Gear Solid 4, is one of my favorite openings in a video game, so long and epic and well told.

Redrum0593312d ago

every single mgs game has an epic opening, plus hideo kojima always has the games open and close with philosophycal messeges that relate to important stuff in real life. Kojima deserves his successful life.

mal_tez923312d ago

Both have awesome opening, but start with the exact oppsoite phrase.

MGS4 - War has changed

Fallout3 - War never changes.

Sigh3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

With Old Snake and Zeus introductions... both were epic. Have yet to try FFVIII though, I'll get it from PSN, looks cool.

DTClown3312d ago

KillZone 2 was pretty epic. What about Uncharted 2?

Wolf8733312d ago

I have to agree Soul Reaver definitely has a cool opening movie and theme, I honestly can't get enough of it. Wish they'd make a new one.

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