Red Dead Redemption: List of Achievements & Trophies

Rockstar writes - "Earlier, we revealed a few of the Achievements & Trophies in Red Dead Redemption via new exclusive screens. Here is a more complete list of all the public in-game accomplishments that can be unlocked and added to your Achievement & Trophy collections (There are also 13 Secret Achievements & Trophies that you'll need to wait until May 18th to try to figure out and unlock)."

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Lucreto3307d ago

Can't wait for the game pity it has online trophies.

FanboyAttack3307d ago

I gonna nab me the grizzly achievement for sure.

poe3307d ago

Have they said which console this was designed for and which one its ported for.

math3307d ago

No I dont think they have said anything about that yet.

va_bank3306d ago

They probably did it the same way, but it don't remember which it was.

Anyway, the GTA games were pretty close on both platforms, I hope this will be the same case.