Two Worlds for the Xbox 360 Interview

Steve519 (Host and editor at XBL Radio) and Racingfreak (contributer to and podcaster at The Bit Cast) sit down with Jay Fitzloff (PR Manager for Two Worlds) and discuss the upcoming game, Two Worlds. We ask him everything that you would want to know, as well as everything you wanted to know.

So sit back and enjoy the interview, its about 35 mins long but hopefully you will find out all you wanted to know about the game.

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nice_cuppa5740d ago

online multiplayer sounds amazing.
imagine the questing but not the griefing as you know and invite all the other players in the world.

getting this.
i love me some d and d !

Daxx5740d ago

I hope this game turns out well. My friends and I loved Oblivion and this game look Oblivionish and the 8 player gameplay sounds like the feature that is really going to sell it.

Rhezin5740d ago

If this thing is going to sell on the 360 then they HAVE to work out all the bugs and framerate issues, because that's what the PC version suffered from. I'm waiting on reviews.

Groo5740d ago

I'll wait on the reviews myself, but I gotta try this game out