Lost Planet 2 Vital Suit Videos

Capcom released a couple of gameplay videos for Lost Planet 2 this morning. These two videos focus on the Vital Suit, so if you were wondering about it's inclusion in Lost Planet 2, have no fear. One video shows the customization and repair of the vital suit, and the other shows the Vital suit in action.

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ThanatosDMC3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

All ready pre-ordered two copies! Unless it's cheaper in Walmart or Fry's, then i'll be getting it in Best Buy.

There had better be a lot of missions and a lot of varied maps!!! It's almost like i know i'll be disappointed but im hoping i wont be.

Dead Rising 2 coming 5 months from now!

jack_burt0n3866d ago

I dont know much about monster hunter but they could do pet monsters like pets in an mmo be cool if the vitals become like that in lp2 also be cool.

Darkfiber3865d ago

Monster Hunter is like an MMO but with a real combat system, not that auto-attack and press 1 2 3 4 5 crap.

This will be similar but not exactly the same. The format of the chapters will be like an instance in an MMO, with 4 players in the party and big, difficult enemies and huge instance style boss fights that take upwards of 15 minutes to kill with 4 people and you get loot from the boss kills and have a persistent character. The combat system is third person shooting and platforming which is cool instead of a boring MMO combat system.