GeoHot: Don't update your PS3, I'll make custom firmware!

Geohot Writes
"PS3 hacker GeoHot is understandably annoyed at Sony's decision to remove OtherOS support from the PS3. And in his very latest posting, he warns PS3 owners to not update and he will look into retaining OtherOS support. Likewise, he notes that he never wanted to touch Custom Firmware but if that's how Sony wants to play, then he will start looking into it. Let the games begin!"

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rajman5190d ago

Oh here we go....GeoHot vs Sony will really get Hot now

Will-UK5190d ago (Edited 5190d ago )

He actually said " “security concerns”. What security concerns? " does he not see what he is doing.

Hes angry because he exploited a feature and got it removed this makes no sense.

Icyhot5190d ago (Edited 5190d ago )

The guy is an idiot. So all Fat PS3 owners should wait for this d!ck head to make a custom firmware which is likely to cause more problems than solve and deny online play till he cracks the code... Making a custom firmware is no easy sh!t. Although he is a proven hacker, it will take months to do that and all fat PS3 owners should wait for him to do that!!!!

The guy killed Linux on PS3 and he is feeling all the users are blaming him (which is true actually) and so will now TRY to crack into the PS3 and build a firmware.... Sorry mate, stay away from the PS3, we are better off without you. Who know what Sony might remove next time due to your stupidity. Thanks for killing Linux on my PS3.

Noctis Aftermath5190d ago

Hey Geohot how about instead of aiding piracy you just F**K the hell off? if you hadn't messed around trying to exploit the system to begin with the linux support feature wouldn't have been removed.

Also how will you doing this help the playstation community? it's more likely that you will just make sony impose tighter security.

Also the linux feature was a privilege and not a right, you(yes you specifically) abused that privilege and got the Other OS support removed so just do us all a favor and do something that won't have consequences for us legit PS3 users.

WildArmed5190d ago


OMG the car i was trying to steal is locked.

TheTwelve5190d ago (Edited 5190d ago )

Looking at this, people still are blaming Sony for having to take these measures.

Naturally, these complaints are loudest from people who are hackers themselves or benefit from this fool's work.

Remember guys that if pirates and hackers took over, NONE of us would have games to play. People like them have destroyed and corrupted every industry they've had their hands on, in history. The gaming industry would be no exception.


5190d ago
Reibooi5190d ago

Don't Update you PS3 I'll make a custom firmware that will brick your PS3 and steal your Credit card number in one go.


Thanks for the offer but I'll have to pass...

Pennywise5190d ago

Sony VS the 13 year old... I wonder who will win! hahaha

TheTwelve5190d ago (Edited 5190d ago )

People who steal like this will not stop until all is stolen, and as you can see, it's their pride that drives their actions.


captain-obvious5190d ago

this guy is a dumb ass

ProjectVulcan5190d ago (Edited 5190d ago )

'If that is how you want to play'

Cause and effect my dear boy. YOU are the cause. THIS is the effect.

Seriously hasnt he realised yet its HIS actions that has forced this play by sony? Its his fault, Sony are just trying to keep their system secure from the piracy blighting wii and 360. By keeping PS3 pirate free they vastly increase the attractiveness of their hardware to publishers and developers, isnt that what true gamers really want, an open system might be nice but a system with dozens of world class titles is surely preferable to honest gamers? Maybe if he grew up and realise that actions create effects he wouldnt be so ignorant.

tatotiburon5190d ago

LMAO first was dark_alex (psp hacker) vs Sony and who lost?? SONY...now vs GeoHot...a custom firmware will be awesome, look the CFW of the PSP, so much to do, homebrew, emulator, app and much more....can't wait for a CFW for PS3, too bad i have a slim :(

rajman5190d ago

I will update my PS3 when 3.2.1 is out...but you never know this guy might create a PS3 Firmware Downgrader...just like the PSP has, it will be tough as hell but this guy is a hacker so you never know. I just hope he doesnt get to pissed and discover the ability to pirate games and just concentrates on bringing back OtherOS for owners

Blaze9295190d ago (Edited 5190d ago )

OMFG YES! YES! YESSSSS! I love this guy! I have CFW on my PSP and all the extra stuff I can do on it because of custom firmware is absolutely fantastic. I hope he succeeds

lmao at all the comments and disagrees. You guys act like he's some amateur who will steal your info and brick your systems. You all must not really know what he's capable of.

joydestroy5190d ago

he really should stick to the iPhone. you're screwing it up for us all, mate!

The Lazy One5190d ago

"Why the hell did toyota lock my car because I got a new muffler?"

Honestly, Sony's going to piss the homebrew community right off. How much would piracy like this really have affected game sales? it's only possible on ~15% of the consoles, and of that 15% probably only 50% have linux and probably only half of those would do homebrew let alone pirate. They shouldn't have even wasted their time on something that wouldn't even be a footnote in their quarterly reports.

young juice5190d ago

they dont need to get banned, you cant play online if you dont upate your firmware.

i would rather play online then look at the xmb all day.

sikbeta5190d ago

HA! I knew it! you see that..."da hackz for da homebrewz" My @ss! the guy wanted to make C-FW from the Beginning, he was doing this crap for the sake of PIRACY!!!

Lame dude, he not only F*cked Up a Feature that people used and Actually PAY for what they have, now he encourage people to not update and wait for a C-FW, such a pr!ck...

For The Love of God, I HOPE you never achieve that @sshole!!!

Klipz-Wish5190d ago

So if he does this wont the people just get banned from psn which is the same as not updating in the first place?

Carl14125190d ago

Wait, what? He didn't intend to get involved in CFW? So he was just going to hack it and say "Yeah i hacked it. Guess i'm finished now!"

Yeahhhhh sure, Geo

Gothdom5190d ago

Well, last I heard from him, he couldn't use photoshop properly, so I don't trust Geohot at all. Sure, homebrew is kinda cool, but the dude never delivered and Sony knew a move in advance.

Sucks to be Geohot right now. Checkmate!