Opinion: Gran Turismo 5 Release

DJ-Katy from TSA writes: March 26th 2010. Woof, woof woof, who let the Gran Turismo 5 fanbois out? Oh it was me, sorry about that. So on Friday there was a little bit of a stir regarding my comments on the Gran Turismo 5 release, so I'd like to talk about this seriously for a moment from the point of view of both the developer and the publisher.

I am a Gran Turismo 5 fangirl. I pre-ordered it last summer. Driving games are my favourite genre and GT5P sits proudly on my shelf as the very first PS3 game I played at home. I'm really looking forward to Gran Turismo 5, although I'm now becoming afraid that it is going to be style, realism and feature-bloat over playability and addictiveness.

I won't pretend to know I have any idea what is going on in the bowels of Sony or Polyphony Digital, but from past work experience I am pretty sure of at least two things: 1. They already know they made a mistake by not releasing sooner, and 2. Sony will be secretly relieved when this thing gets out into retail and it's over and done with so they're not bleeding away more money on it.

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ElementX3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Opinions are like @ssholes.

Also, anyone referencing the Who Let the Dogs Out? song has to be a douche

Should change their name to thesuxaxis

alphakennybody3309d ago

Very good read,indeed it has been a long wait. But at least its not a duke nukem scenario, PD has actual materials to show and we've seen how much they've progressed since GT5:P.It might just be me but I don't mind the wait, since no GT games have disappointed me yet and I'm planning on buying a G27 before its out. Right now I don't have the money so its good that I have still have time to buy it before GT5 hit stores.

Sunny_D3309d ago

I think Sony aren't losing money at all. They already made a profit on GT5P, so making GT5 is like free money.

Gran Touring3309d ago

Know at least this: when it's released, there will be GT5, and then theres 'everything else.'

cobraagent3309d ago

If Sony released the game last year, what would they have for this year's lineup? They need gran turismo 5 for this year for the sales. Even the prologue is one of the most selled games on ps3. Lastly what would they have to fight Halo Reach(I seriously think of Halo as [email protected]#$%^, but all bots are gonna buy it)