GameSpot: NBA Live 08 Updated Hands-On

For the past few years, the NBA Live series has been a franchise in search of itself. As series developers have struggled with different methods of capturing the intensity and creativity of NBA players in a virtual setting, the results have been games that are uneven at best, and at worst, no fun at all. Now, for the third version of the series to appear on the Xbox 360 (and the first on the PlayStation 3), the producers have focused on the fundamentals of basketball to try to improve the basic gameplay.

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timmyp534311d ago

but football games dont... i guess im still thinking about that cg trailer of madden at E3 2005 =(

chitown4311d ago

please kobe dont go. stay a laker!!!!!

timmyp534311d ago

the last time i checked he said he changed his mind and didnt want to get traded