8 Things gamers should all stop doing now

Lets all take a moment and reflect upon these 8 habits that gamers tend to have and consider becoming a better person.

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CyberSentinel4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Stop buying blu-ray players and calling them "game machines".

Wake Up, Lemmings.

@1.1: we shall see wannabe. lets not even get into who has more lawsuits pending. I don't think you want to go there.

@1.5: You mean like the 3 year MS countdown, as opposed to the Sony 1 year countdown.

@1.8: No problems with my launch day system yet.

Bill Gates4305d ago

#10 Stop hating on Game machines for their superb multi-functionalities.

Calling all XBOTS, calling all XBOT, M$ is about to face a class action lawsuit. You must defend it to the end. I repeat, you must defend it to the end. (Which is coming real soon I might add)......HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH AHha

okcomputer4305d ago

lol I own a ps3 and even I thought that was funny

Frulond4305d ago

dude... you need more bubbles

everyone, please give the man more bubbles :D

chasegamez4305d ago

stop buying 360 that comes with a timer with how long your system going to last

Ares84PS34305d ago

How many times I have to tell you before you get it
Lemmings = Xbox supporters
Cows = Playstation supporters
Sheep = Nintendo supporters
Hermit = PC supporters!

You look like a fool calling PS supporters Lemmings:)

Also Known As4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

#1 thing that gamers should stop doing is:

stop telling other gamers what they should stop doing.


Tabasco4305d ago

??? wht....... oo you mean the warranty you got because your 360 broke? Okay then, o and ps. Sony sells a three year warranty too if anybody is worried but yet again, the ps3 runs better the the x-box dude face it. and no I'm not a fanboy i have both, I'm just stating the obvious.
ADD on: only customers with previous three rings problems get the extra worranty, NOT everybody.

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Ru4305d ago

Stop Debating Consoles
And play some DAM games!

DrPirate4305d ago

Brilliantly said. Bubbles for you.

Daxx4305d ago

Yes bubbles to you.

We as gamers shouldn't be flaming each other but instead basking in the fact that this is a great time for gamers every where because we finally have fairly realistic graphics and innovative gameplay. And it will only get better as the years go by.

Cusco4305d ago

Stop spending more time on N4G spreading your console fanboy-sim than you do playing video games haha

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